The campaign for Covid 19 vaccination is the most recent measure the world is undertaking in the ongoing fight against this deadly virus that has changed the course of everything in the world lately. Other prevention measures like handwashing, wearing of masks, and social distancing are still in place and have become part and parcel of our daily lives. The world has faced other pandemics in the past, but none can measure up to this disease. This virus has taken so much from us, from loved ones to jobs, to mental health. However, we have to acknowledge the role of science in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic.

Scientific Contributions to the Fight Against Covid 19


From the onset of this virus up to now, Science has been on the frontline from day one. Scientists are literally working day and night trying to save the world from this pandemic. New laboratories have been put in place just for this purpose. The effects may have been grave at the beginning, but we can both agree that it is getting easier as time goes by due to the various scientific discoveries regarding the disease.

  • Production of Respirators: We have heard of covid 19 patients in ICU beds needing oxygen to help them breathe. Without the discovery of the molecular sieve for oxygen generator, this would not have been possible. We have seen companies come up with the latest technologies for oxygen generation in oxygen tanks to aid in such adverse cases of the virus.
  • Manufacture of PPE Kits: Without testing kits, we would probably not even be aware of this virus. Awareness has provided guidance on the various measures that have reduced the spread of the disease. Scientists have continued to come up with better and more convenient testing kits for this virus. We have come a long way from having to wait a whole week to get results to get your results on the spot.
  • Discovery of How It Spreads: You cannot fight the spread of a disease without the knowledge of how it actually spreads. Scientists discovered the various ways the virus spreads, like through contact with infected people. This enabled different governments to enforce social distancing measures in their countries. Big events with a large number of people like expos were banned in an effort to fight the spread of the disease.
  • Coming Up With Drug Regimens: There may not be a cure for the disease yet, but certain drug regimens are prescribed to infected patients to help prevent adverse effects of the disease. These drugs have reduced the fatality rate resulting from the coronavirus.
  • Discovery of Covid 19 Vaccine: It is impressive how fast a vaccine was developed for coronavirus. Due to the adverse effects of the pandemic, scientists made it a major priority to come up with a vaccine as soon as possible. They did not only come up with one, but different vaccines, and so many lives have been saved as a result of vaccination.

What To Look Forward to In The Future


We have seen so much progress in the fight against Covid 19, and we can’t help but wonder what our geniuses have in store for us in the near future. Life may not go back to how it was before this pandemic, but it will get better, just as it already has. Human beings are built to adapt to environmental conditions, and we are slowly adapting. We can look forward to;

  • A Cure: If we can get a covid 19 vaccine this soon, then we can for sure look forward to a cure sooner. Different scientists from different continents are working tirelessly towards this.
  • More Online Business: After figuring out that online business can actually pick up and work for many, it will soon become the order of the day. Companies will switch completely to working from home as it has worked for them during the pandemic. Some organizations will even attest to achieving greater profits during this pandemic.
  • Better Health: The coronavirus has made us weary of some unhealthy practices we had become accustomed to. Before this disease, handwashing was not a major thing for most people. This exposed us to frequent infections resulting from germs. You will notice that most premises you visit will have a fancy bottle of soap and water for you to wash your hands.
  • More innovation: It is without a doubt that this pandemic has made us more innovative than we have ever been. When you lose a job during a time when other potential employers are closing shop too, then you are forced to think outside the box. One of the best business ideas during such times when movement is restricted is to source products from abroad and sell them online.


During such times of uncertainty, we have to do our part even as we expect our governments and scientists to come through for us. We cannot just sit and wait for everything to be done for us. Wash your hands, wear your mask when in public, observe social distance, use hand sanitizer, all this in an effort to reduce the spread of the deadly virus. Sooner or later, our scientists will have a breakthrough on the cure, but we have to protect ourselves so we can live to see that day.

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