Android users are twice as likely to uninstall apps


AppsFlyer’s new report that traced the uninstall behaviors of folks on both iOS and Android. This found that Android owners are double as like uninstall apps as their iPhone brethren. Three out of every ten apps will later be uninstalled on average. On concord, app developers have more to fear from Android owners than iOS users.

A massive 43 percent of mobile games are later uninstalled on Android. When compared to just 13 percent of iOS games. If you shift focus to shopping apps. While iOS owners only uninstall 9 percent, Android owners uninstall 21 percent of them. The Android uninstall rate is 200 percent higher than for iOS across all app types.

What this ostensibly demonstrates to app developers, unfortunately. It is that their typical preference for iOS over Android is justified. As iOS, owners are much less likely to uninstall their apps after a short time. You may get a doubt that why is this?

It is primarily down to the availability of storage space according to AppsFlyer. This is because iPads and iPhones typically have higher storage capacities than Android devices. It is also a mixture of lower “app and device quality” on Android generally.


The mix on Apple’s side is also entered in Incentivized advertising. As incentivized installs are much more common on Android. At the time you are enticed to install an app you likely don’t want. This type of non-organic installs occurs. Usually as a way to receive additional lives or in-game currency or bypass an in-game delay.

U.S. mobile device owners are the least likely to uninstall these types of apps on the mobile platform. This is studied by all the countries through the report. This is simply because they don’t have to.

AppsFlyer suggests the reason more non-organic apps are uninstalled in developing mobile markets again. Due to lack of available storage.

The report tracked over 500 apps on 20 million devices worldwide over the period between September and October 2016. 

Uninstall rates were calculated by dividing the total number of uninstalls by the total number of installs.

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