What Does LOL Mean Before Internet?


Most commonly, LOL is abbreviated as “Laugh Out Loud” in Internet slang when used with mobile phone text messages. Sometimes, it means “Lots Of Love” in some conversations. It’s usage also extends to the Internet-based communications such as email, Facebook, and other instant messengers.

Before the Internet, LOL was commonly used in letter writing. This word meant “lots of love” and “lots of luck” in the pre-Internet version. The online usage of this word started in the early 80’s in Calgary, Canada. It was invented by a student Wayne Pearson while communicating with his friends on Viewline. Viewline is a bulletin board system which meant to be a chatroom.

The LOL has become a common expression in the chatting conversations. This is used to say that we are laughing during the conversation. We use this word in the conversations even when something seems funny.

There are so many meanings for LOL in which some of them can be taken according to the situation in the conversation, and some according to the sender and receiver. Some are “Laughing out loud”, laugh out loud, lots of luck, lots of laughter, laughing online.

Although, it does mean Lots of love which isn’t a common definition. This is something that can be added at the finish of some personal emails and letters.

This word has abbreviations in a number of ways accordingly. Irrespective of the conversations LOL is also a short-form for “League of Legends”, an online multiplayer game.

LOL had its wide usage in the conversations since years before the Internet. It also meant Lots of Love for those writing letters and emails to their loved ones. And as mentioned before, this word is, now, a word used to express our laughter towards a funny controversy in a conversation.

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