Ophcrack – A Password Hack Tool

Password Hack Tool

Almost all the users of any electronic devices use passwords to protect their documents and files on their device. What if you forget the password? You have tried out a number of attempts to break the password lock and you couldn’t. Then what is that you can do? Do you think there is any other alternative? Yes! And the best solution is Ophcrack – a password hack tool.

Ophcrack is a password hack tool which can be used as an ultimate tool to crack windows passwords. Imagine that you have locked your windows desktop or laptop with a password and you forgot the password. Don’t worry, a password hack tool perfect to fix your windows password would be Ophcrack.

A password hack tool can be used both for good and atrocious reasons. To crack a forgotten password of your Windows device or your friends’ or relatives’ device. At the same time, it can be used to spy someone’s files and documents that are private and confidential.

Ophcrack is a most effective password hack tool that runs via Windows, Linux, and Mac installation or on a live CD. This password hack tool uses the rainbow table to crack any password. And the rainbow table is one which cracks the password in no time. That’s the main advantageous feature of the rainbow table to guess a password.

Operating Systems don’t store the user passwords in text files because they would be obviously insecure. Rather they put the password through a one-way hash function which anyone finds it difficult to crack the password.

Basically, the rainbow table is a huge list with a number of passwords included with their respective hashes. And the table takes not more than a few minutes or rather seconds to crack any Windows password.

Rainbow Tables:

Rainbow table for Windows XP

Ophcrack works for Windows XP for free and it supplies two alphanumeric tables. This will help you crack maximum of the passwords with 14 alphanumeric characters. These rainbow tables contain 80 billion hashes corresponding to 12 septillion possible passwords. This is all because the Windows XP is insensitive to capitalize the LM hash.

The Ophcrack website deals with fixing the password of Windows XP Operating System. So you have two choices of tables to choose from. They can be either XP free small or XP free fast tables. Among these two, the XP free fast takes lesser time compared to XP free small to crack a password.

Rainbow table for Windows Vista

Here is a rainbow table for Windows Vista where there is less possibility that it can crack a password through LM hash. Because it has moved to NT hash which is more stronger than LM hash. To provide an alphanumeric table along with special characters in the table, you need to pay more than the usual amount paid to crack a Windows XP password.

The NT hash is subjective to capitalization and it allows a greater password length. These rainbow tables range from 8GB to 130GB. So this will be not a problem to crack a password of any Windows device.

Hope this password hack tool has helped you in cracking your Windows password which you have lost. But make sure, you use this password hack tool in a right way.

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