Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Galxy S7

The below we have given you a brief description of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy  S7 Edge.

Samsung has revealed the addition of Note 5 that is Galaxy Note 7 which is the latest device and it is not named Note 6 that you could expect) and for productive people, it looks like a phablet suitable.  As this year is helpful for Samsung, they launched another phone named Galaxy s7 Edge, which is a luminous device. But which is the best?

It looks to be that the two devices are much related to a close analysis. When you see them the first thing strikes in your mind is the truth that they together have curved edges. But there is some difference when it comes to their design that is when compared to Edge’s 5.5 inches Notes 7 comprises a big screen which is 5.7 inches. Note 7 looks thick and tall, but it may comprise an S pen.

And the other similarity looks same in both the Galaxies is displayed. However, Note 7’s larger screen (even with .2 inches) makes it look less hard, having 518 ppi. Still, both phones look tremendous, but the differences are hard to blemish with the naked eye.

Cameras are also very alike in both Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge: the devices counting a 12 MP rear one with f/1.7 space. More consequently, they include an image stabiliser and 1.4 μm pixels. However, the front cameras differ a little bit. Both the devices contain 5mp, but coming to Note7 it comes as one with an iris scanning technology which helps to keep your confidential data safe from the phone. Also, this permits you to be the one person that can release the device, by making it still more secure. And also they make you feel like in a spy.

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