With more and more businesses optimizing their online presence, video content is becoming more prevalent. Just creating a website and having a blog is not enough. You also have to tune in to your auditory learners and go beyond just writing amazing content. The more mediums you explore, the greater is your exposure. You would be able to reach out to more people and expand your brand and business in the long run. Video production has a lot of potentials. If you are interested in online marketing campaigns, hiring a good video production company is essential.

Creative Corporate Video Production

There are many companies offering services for a corporate video in Nottingham. Video production companies hire professionals with lots of experience in the field of making videos. They know how to capture the attention of the audience and make them come back for more. Due to their passion and interests, they are always looking for new ways to make their work better. They help in transforming your ideas into attractive content to touch the heart and mind of the audience. Therefore, to spread your message, you need to hire a good video production company.

Tips for a Creative Video Production

Just hiring a video production company is not enough. You also need to be aware of their craftsmanship. Here are some of the ways you would be able to opt for creative video production:


Lighting is the key to a good video. However, many small to medium video production companies forego the process as it can also become an expensive venture. Nowadays, there are many inexpensive yet effective options when it comes to lighting – be it LED panels, compact DEDO lights, or fluorescent soft lights. Therefore, there is no valid excuse to skip lighting even while producing low-budget videos.


The colors in the video are important as it dictates the mood of the entire video. Determining the color is not as easy as selecting black and white or a colorful background. It is about manipulating the white balance, choosing the color palette, and managing the color saturation. The color distribution in the video is significant while attracting viewers and the audience. The way you compliment the colors will determine if your video quality is good or not.


The composition of your video also determines the way your video would be perceived. For instance, you might have a specific standard while filming a video – such as the rule of the third for a headshot. The composition of your video also determines its power. Therefore, you might also avoid the traditional rules and opt for an interesting style to give appropriate focus to the video.

Production Design

As mentioned earlier, good color and composition ups the level of video production. However, it is very much related to the production design. The props and the background you use for your video help a lot with the color and the composition. The props and set add a certain variety and color to the scene, along with depth. For instance, the lamps and the placement of the windows make a huge difference.

Choice of Lens

The choice of lens is important as it determines the type of video – be it vintage, modern, cinematic, or photo. It also determines the aperture and sharpness of the video. With the help of the lens, you would be able to choose the focal length and the distortion level.


The duration of the video is important while capturing the interests of the audience. For instance, a commercial mostly lasts two to three minutes while an infomercial lasts longer than that. Some people also use the time-lapse technique in the video to tell a longer story in a shorter time. If used properly, it creates a standard montage.

Ways of Filming

This includes the angles of filming. Whether you are opting for an aerial shot or taking an unusual angle, make sure that you can appropriately tell your story.

Sound Effects

Many people make the mistake of considering videos as a form of visual engagement. However, your auditory senses are also a part of this. Having good sound effects is not just about having good audio with background music, but also about eliminating the white noises and disturbances. Only use sound effects that are relevant to your projects.


Over the last few years, gimbals have become quite popular in the field of video production. While you may need a big team and space to use a gimbal, it is still a good investment for getting good quality shots for your video.

Planning and Preparation

There is a common misconception that creativity is best expressed while being spontaneous. However, when it comes to video production, this can go wrong. You have to be prepared about the upcoming shots and ideas to make the process easier and more organized. A planned approach goes a long way in video production.

To make priceless corporate videos, you need to follow the aforementioned points. This is a general list to help you have the best video production experience in the future.


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