Whatsapp is a popular messenger app for the smartphones. The whatsapp allows its users to communicate with the persons those are in the user’s contact list over the internet messaging. The whatsapp became popular within days and soon it will become the main communication way. Most of the users already know how to block the call and SMS of any unknown person on their phone.

But if the unknown person is using the Whatsapp means they will continue chat even if the user has blocked the calls and SMS of the person.

The worst thing in it is there is no way for those unknown persons who try to irritate the users without their permissions. Here we explained the best way to block those persons in WhatsApp too.

How to block unwanted contacts in whats App:

To block a contact in WhatsApp, follow the steps given below

  • The user has to open the recent screen and next select settings from the menu.
  • Then, tap on Menu Button and then hit the option Settings>>Account>>Privacy>> “Blocked Contacts”. Then the user will see NONE written in front of it. You can tap add in top right corner. Just add your unwanted user


Now the person who is blocked by the user will not able to send messages using Whatsapp.

To unblock the person, the user has to follow the same way to reach at the blocked list. Here the user has to do block-unwanted-contacts press on the contact that they want to unblock and then unblock and then hit on Unblock.

Suppose if the person is not there in the user’s contact list, the user will also see the block option in the conversation. The iphone users can also see the similar method to block the contacts in WhatsApp.

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