Women Menstrual Period

The citizens of the 21st century have been fortunate with all the innovations and inventions that they get to enjoy to make life easier and better. We have cars to take as anywhere within a shorter, and all we need is just to step in the pedal and control the wheels. We have houses that shelter us from the heat, the cold and the surroundings. We have electricity to light our homes in the night and powers our gadgets.

We have the internet that gives us the information we need within just one click rather than hours searching in the library. We have social media sites that can reach anyone around the globe than to wait for the mail to arrive taking months to be delivered. Though, these are innovations are very helpful in our life of today. For women, having options that require little to no effort when it comes to dealing with our menstrual period is a big relief to combat the red days every month.

For some women around the globe, the accessibility of hygienic kits is rare to nothing at all to find. This depends on the country, or state women live in. That is why in these countries they find ways on their own to accommodate their needs that should be readily accessible to them in the very first place with all the technological advances we have. With that in line, what are our options when dealing with our period?


These are absorbents that are inserted in the vagina. It works like a cork that prevents blood from leaking to the underwear. The cotton or the tampon is wrapped with a cylindrical-shaped plastic also called an applicator to give it a firm structure so it can be easily inserted in the vagina, upon insertion, a straw-tube is pushed inward to separate the plastic cover and the cottony part of the structure.

Tampons are manufactured in different sizes to accommodate all women. It usually takes two hours for a tampon to be entirely filled, but for a more massive flow, it is filled in a shorter period. A tampon should be replaced and should not stay inside the vagina any longer than 12 hours as it can cause infection. A string is then pulled outward to pull out the used tampon. Just remember when you change tampons, also rinse and wash your vagina to rinse off any blood that slipped during the process.


These are absorbents that are placed on the underwear. There are various pads to choose from, to accommodate you on your period in hopes to aid you for the best comfort. Pads are sometimes manufactured with wings that are clipped under the underwear to secure the pads in place. Pads are also constructed with longer and bigger edges to prevent leakage during the night. Pads can either be made of cotton for a softer contact to the skin or a net plastic for better absorption.

During a more massive flow, this is a better choice because it prevents leakage. Experts say that you should regularly change every three hours to avoid infection depending on the flow. When you change pads, it is very ideal to clean and wash your vagina with water first to prevent contamination and disease from the previous pad.


These are the newest invention to combat period. Unlike tampons and pads, menstrual cups are made of silicone and does not absorb blood. It works by catching and collecting the discharge onto the cup. A menstrual cup isn’t inserted with an applicator it is folded so it can easily be inserted in the vagina. Since it is made of silicone, it can stay inside the vagina longer than those mentioned above.

Menstrual cup cleaning is easy when the cup is full, the tip is pulled, and the collected contents are discarded in the toilet bowl, and the container must be rinsed and washed with soap and water to prevent any infection. Unlike the pad and tampons, the menstrual cup can be used again for five years. This can help you save and reallocate the money used for pads and tampons for other purposes.


Whatever your choice is in dealing with your period, the bottom line is that it can offer you comfort and ease during your menstruation. But besides the flow, many factors make red days uncomfortable like hormonal change, cravings, uneasiness, dizziness, and dysmenorrhea. These factors can be alleviated with medicinal tablets that target hormonal stability. Ladies, feminine kit is a necessity, not a luxury, so don’t stress yourself with this natural phenomenon.

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