Let’s face it – most people believe that naturally large breasts are a blessing. However, many do not realize that there is a definitive connection between women who have large breasts – regardless of their overall weight – and chronic back pain.

Back Pain Connection

Women with large breasts often experience recurring pain in their neck and shoulders as well as in the mid to upper back region of the body. This is chiefly caused by the center of gravity of the body of a large-breasted woman – the weight of her breasts changes the typical center of gravity. Another factor is the normal body alignment of a woman with large breasts. Both of these factors can cause a woman’s shoulders to slump forward, and there is often tension in the neck and shoulders of a woman with large breasts. Muscles in the upper and mid-back can also be affected by the change of the center of gravity and the normal body alignment of a woman with large breasts.

It should also be noted that a woman experiencing pain in her neck, shoulders, and back due to large breasts may have an increase in muscle strain in the upper to mid-back region as well as in the neck and shoulders.

Often, a woman with large breasts will unconsciously compensate by rolling her shoulders forward. When she does this, she may experience compression on her thoracic outlet. This is an area in the upper back that houses nerves that pass through the shoulder blades and ribs. If this area is compressed due to the way a woman carries her shoulders, she will feel pain in her upper back.

This issue is common among women with large breasts of an otherwise normal weight. However, when women have issues with their overall weight, the presence of large breasts will exacerbate the problem.

Women with large breasts may experience postural issues due to the weight of their breasts, and pain in the upper and lower back can also be attributed to the presence of large breasts in women.

Many experts state that women who have naturally large breasts – whether from a separate weight problem or simply large breasts themselves – often see accompanying postural problems. These problems can make chronic pain a part of a woman’s daily life, and age can worsen the issue. The presence of large breasts can cause a woman’s body to naturally fall forward; her shoulders will appear to roll forward, and she will appear to be stooped over. This is known as becoming kyphotic. The presence of being kyphotic makes spine and other areas of the back subject to significant physical forces.

This often makes large breasted women more apt to experiencing increased discomfort in the thoracolumbar spine. Plus, it is a direct effect of not having proper posture.

In addition, women with large breasts will experience muscle strain as the muscles in the back work overtime to keep the spine aligned properly. This often causes muscle fatigue and/or strain in the shoulder area, but it can radiate to other parts of the mid and upper back as well.

Surprisingly, much of the forward roll of shoulders as well as the resulting back strain is simply the result of gravity. When a woman has large breasts, the weight of the breasts naturally pull the shoulders forward and create the muscle strain as well as the lack of alignment of the spine. This is because the breast tissue itself can weigh up to several pounds in each breast.

Some experts compare this push and pull of the breasts and the back muscles to that of a teeter-totter or a see-saw – one area will be pulled down by gravity, while muscles in the back work to compensate for the abnormal center of gravity of the body.

A 2012 study showed that other factors can add to the presence of back pain in large-breasted women. Researchers sought to discover a relationship between the breast size, cup size in said woman’s bra size, and chronic neck and shoulder pain. Although obesity was a factor in the study, researchers did conclude that those women with a naturally larger cup size were subject to persistent back pain.

In fact, many studies have found that wearing a bra of the wrong size can actually contribute to the amount of chronic back pain a woman with large breasts will experience. If the bra is of an improper fit, a woman is more likely to experience the poor posture of rounded, hunched shoulders. This can add to and exacerbate the pain a woman experiences due to large breasts.

However, an improper bra fit is only one step in ridding women of back pain due to large breasts. However, women who are considering breast augmentation in Houston TX should ensure that they are wearing not only the proper size bra but also one that is properly fitted to one’s individual body.

Breast size is an issue when it comes to women and back pain; however, surgery is not the first line of defense in eradicating back pain. You’ll likely be asked to do some non-invasive things to see if this alleviates your troubles. This may include have a properly fitted bra. You may be given exercises that are meant to strengthen the core muscles of the body – around the stomach and the back. Some will prescribe yoga as a means of strengthening the muscles of the core and alleviating back pain.

Your physician will also want to make sure that your back pain is indeed caused by the presence of large breasts. Again, breast reduction surgery is often a last resort for physicians, however, it may be the only source of relief in a large-breasted person.


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