How to Use Flickr as a Photo Backup Service

Flickr as a Photo Backup

Flickr is a photo sharing service, it provides free storage space and it offers 1TB storage to store your photos in the cloud. You can use Flickr as a Photo backup service.

Contrast this to Dropbox which offers 2 GB of storage room or Google Drive where you get 5 GB for your files and photographs. Flickr offers 200x more space with one minor confinement – the span of individual photographs ought to be under 200 MB. That shouldn’t be a worry unless you are an expert picture taker managing pictures in the RAW configuration.

Outfitted with 1 TB of space, Flickr is currently a decent possibility to house your whole accumulation of advanced photos. You may set the default protection of your online photograph collections (Flickr calls them sets) as private and look perceivability as “covered up” and along these lines, nobody else will have the capacity to hunt or view your photos put away on to Flickr.

Uploading your Photo to Flickr

Flickr offers a program based uploader yet it isn’t exactly appropriate for transferring hundreds and a large number of photographs in a clump. There are however several desktop programming titles accessible that will make it generally simple for you to exchange your photo gathering from the PC to the Flickr cloud.

The authority Flickr desktop uploader, accessible for Windows and Mac, was last overhauled in 2009 yet it keeps on working fine and dandy under Windows 8 too.

You can just drag desktop folders on to the Flickr uploader and it will consequently separate all the picture records from the organisers and sub-organizers. Additionally, you can go to Tools – > Preferences to change the default protection before adding new photographs to the transfer line.

Flickr Schedulr is another great other option to the authority uploader as it offers almost every one of the elements additionally gives you a chance to set a timetable for transferring pictures and recordings to Flickr.

Sync Pictures between Desktop and Flickr

Flickr as a Photo Backup

PhotoSync takes a Dropbox-like a methodology for synchronising pictures before the desktop and Flickr. It makes a unique watch-organizer on your hard circle and any records and envelopes that you add to this organiser are consequently spared as “sets” on Flickr. It’s a two-path sync as a matter of course, however, you do have an alternative to forestall erases on Flickr if you erase any photos locally.

At long last, there’s FlickrSync for Windows that additionally offers programmed picture transfers however without obliging you to place pictures in one envelope. Flickr Sync offers a tree perspective of your hard plate (see screenshot), select one or more organisers from the rundown and all the included photographs will be sent to your Flickr. The sets will have the same name as your organisers however you can abrogate the default setting.

Synchronisation is one-way so your privately put away pictures are never erased and Flickr just mirrors the substance of your nearby organizers. You can likewise include system organizers for synchronizing with Flickr. I’ll run with this one.

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