Best Chromebooks

I love Chromebooks there are these complete back to basics computers that show how much you can get without actually spending that much. If you’re looking for a cheap computer right now this is the first place you should go but not all chrome books are created equal and some are pretty bad. So we tried out a ton of them to figure out which is the best.

Chromebook Acer and Dell


Here’s the deal a great Chromebook is three things first. It has to have a good screen something you’d be OK with working an hour or second. Relatively cheap you want to spend right around 300 dollars and third just be able to handle a lot of tabs without choking up.

Chromebook Acer R11


There’s one for a look that hits all three of those markets and the one that I’d recommend to most people looking to buy one that’s Acer Chromebook R11. I really like the R11. It has this white chunky body that almost looks like a kid’s toy but it’s pretty light and sturdy so you’re not going to have a problem throwing this in your bag and toting around to a coffee shop.

Touch Screen Acer R11

And as an 11.6-inch touchscreen display which is bright and clear and it’s not going to hurt your eyes which are legitimately an issue on other Chromebooks. It also has a great keyboard a solid trackpad and enough battery life to get through most of my work. Plus the price $179 there ever has been a pretty great performer for me too. Are they able to handle? Well over a dozen tabs in this thing without any issue. It doesn’t get the regular lockups that other Chromebook seem to have all the time.

Here’s the other big thing they are eleven is one of the first chrome books to support Android apps the screen flips around you can easily tablet or you can prop it up. I sort of just like to use it as a laptop on top of the screen every now and then when it makes sense but it’s really nice having the option there. Now you may have noticed that I didn’t say Acer R11 has the best screen or the best performance of the best price or size. That’s because not the best in any one particular area but does have the best companies all those things every other Chromebook has born into serious flaws for the R. Levin is the only one that has a. Great job all across the board. If you don’t think you can on the touch screen.

Chromebook Dell 13

There’s one other Chromebook you should know about it’s a little bigger a little bit more powerful and a little more expensive. That’s the Dell Chromebook 13. This is one heck of a chrome and it’s one of the best screens out there. Excellent battery life and great performance are better than R11 on all of those counts and with this 13inch display. I think it would be great for someone who wants a Chromebook primarily for used around the house but there are a few big downsides.The first is its price its 429dollars which are a little expensive. It’s kind of big and bulky I definitely would want to carry it around at the time and the third thing is if you do want to touch screen upgrading this gets way too expensive to bother with it’s just not worth it. Now not having a touch screen might not be a problem for you especially if you’re just in the browsing the web but keep in mind that for Android apps. It’s a really great option to have of course.

Acer and Asus

Third, a lot of other chrome books out there if that is really good. If you want something a little bit smaller more portable I really like Chromebook flip and want a little bit bigger. Acers Chromebook be seen as a really great option. It’s just a little too big for me personally. You might also be wondering about more expensive croaks like Google’s Chrome book pixel It is phenomenal. But no one no one should pay that much for a pro but maybe in the future with Android apps but not yet there are some stylish cheaper options like Samsung’s for about three and Easters Chromebook fourteen another quite hit the mark for me. Neither did touch screens and performance just wasn’t quite there.

HP and Asus

And then there is that you should just never buy like be a Susi 300 which has a disqualifying the disgusting screen or the HP Chromebook 14which has a display that actually made my head hurt. They’re wrong. I think some of these chrome oaks are the right books for certain people but you want to make sure they’re not missing any of the core functionality that you’ll need. There’s no perfect Chromebook yet but it’s still surprising how for three or four hundred dollars to get you. If you want to cheap laptop they can get the job done. Look no further than these two because they are absolutely your best I bet.

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