Today’s college students have very busy schedules and spend most of their time in classes or studying. Besides, there are extracurricular activities, social life, internships, and jobs. Sometimes, you may feel that there is time for nothing, especially when you can’t cope with your endless writing assignments and start looking for research paper writing services.

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Best Helpful Health Apps in College

With so many responsibilities, you may easily neglect your health. But, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in college. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile apps that can help you stay healthy and in shape. Here is a shortlist of the best health apps for students that can help you stay on track. Do you think you have no time for that? You can always get reliable assistance with your essay at CustomWritings and have enough time for taking care of yourself.


This app, available for Android and iOS, offers you free training programs, and you can choose any of them according to your preferences. This daily program will be included in your calendar, and you will receive reminders in the form of to-do lists.

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If you think you are too busy for a training program, you can start with a simple workout and one of the workouts created by the community. You can also find thousands of exercises for specific muscle groups and watch instructional videos to learn how to do them right. The app will track the details of your regular workouts, and you’ll get some useful tips.

This free app will help you quickly find information about any medicines you are taking. Any student will be able to create a personal medication record. You’ll be able to identify pills and learn about possible interactions. If you need additional information about your medication, you can ask any question you like or read questions and answers on the app’s website.


Being free, the app is a great option for those who want to keep a healthy diet or lose weight. By installing the app, you’ll turn your phone into a digital scanner. You will be able to scan barcodes and find out the ingredients of the foods you eat and their nutritional value. The app will enable you to track your activities as well. Besides, you’ll be able to take part in the community’s discussions.


If you are fond of meditation, this free app is just what you need. Meditation is a great technique that is used to relieve stress and anxiety. You’ll be able to take advantage of step-by-step practices designed specifically to fit your lifestyle and mood, practice meditation every day in short sessions, and track your progress to stay motivated.

Rally Health

You can use this free app to look for symptoms and treatments of many typical conditions and diseases. The app was created by doctors, so all recommendations are based on the latest research. With Rally Health, any student will be able to make an appointment with a doctor near the place where s/he lives, keep their personal health records and prescriptions.


This easy-to-use app is for those students who would like to become organized. You’ll be able to plan all your meals if you just import different healthy recipes from your favorite blogs and websites. You can use your healthy recipes as well and make to-do lists in your smartphone.

Taking care of yourself and keeping a healthy lifestyle is very important for your college performance. Remember that you can become a successful student only when you feel well. Using health apps, you’ll be able to effectively track your overall health and get answers to all your questions fast.

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