Twitter suspended fake accounts


The social network Twitter suspended 58 million fake account worldwide in the last quarter of 2017. As soon as Twitter suddenly stepped into this action as no one was expected, fake account holders were shocked.

Not only is the celebrities throughout the world, but also the billions of people have their account. They perform daily events and many world events, including politics.

A few people are tweeting fake news and political conflicts among the general public with a fake account on Twitter. This makes it impossible for the public to find clear concepts.

Various countries protest:

The governments of various countries have urged the Twitter administration to remove fake accounts from the twitter. Subsequently, the Twitter administration was involved in the process of shutting down counterfeits. This led to the decrease in followers of various leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former US President Barack Obama, and US President Trump.

5 million accounts frozen

The Associated Press reported that the Twitter administration has frozen about 58million fake accounts at the end of the quarter of 2017. The number of followers on Twitter is on the decline.

From April 2017 to June 2018 alone, 70million fake accounts have been frozen.

Twitter has reported that the account will be disabled if it does not use at least once a month. Because this process followers count has started declining for many people.

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