Best iPad keyboards

iPad Keyboards

An iPad is versatile since it doesn’t feature a BlackBerry Esque hardware keyboard. The iPad keyboards can be used as and when needed. This won’t waste the chassis space on the keyboard while you’re playing games or watching movies.

For those who like to type a lot of information on the iPad and habit of typing using a keyboard. This will be convenient for seeing the typed information on the full-screen mode. Of course, you can type on the iPad screen virtual keyboard but the real keyboard frees up screen space. It’s not so hard to connect a Bluetooth keyboard or a combo case or accessory with the iPad.

There are a plethora of keyboards that can be used with an iPad. They offer comfort and convenience while using. Some of the picked iPad keyboards are explained below.

1. Apple Magic Keyboard:

iPad Keyboards

There are some wireless keyboards that work with Bluetooth Technology. And obviously, a separate keyboard is much larger than the iPad. Apple keyboard is one such keyboard for iPad that supports Bluetooth Technology. The keyboard consists of larger keys than the one designed to fit the iPad. And this becomes the advantage of this magic keyboard. The disadvantage is that you need to carry both the keyboard and iPad around you always.

2. Folio Keyboard:

iPad Keyboards

This is the best type of keyboard to turn an iPad into a laptop. The folio keyboard encloses the iPad in a case and this seems like a folding case. Thus it protects your laptop while you are traveling. Folio keyboard converts the iPad into a single device like a laptop. Some use a flap system to hold up the iPad, while some use a clamshell design similar to a laptop.

3. Keyboard Stand:

iPad Keyboards

This type of iPad keyboards are more versatile. You have to slot the iPad into the keyboard to start typing. Many users have a horizontal groove across them that acts as a stand for the iPad during use. These keyboards are a good way to make an iPad look more like a laptop similar to that of a folio keyboard.

4. Smart Keyboard:

iPad Keyboards

The Smart keyboard is perfectly apt for iPad Pro models and is a bit costly too. Typing on this smart keyboard seems slower and less accurate than on a full-size keyboard. This is a lightweight accessory than a full-sized or conventional keyboard. It feels like the fabric cover under the fingers.

The Smart Connector is one of this device’s trump cards. Since this port handles everything, you need not worry about battery life or a Bluetooth connection. This keyboard offers some extra useful shortcuts designed for iOS 9 commands. They may be Home key (Command-H) and Search (Command-Space). It also lets you use a number of familiar Mac keyboard commands too, such as using Command-Tab to cycle between apps.

5. Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro:

iPad Keyboards

This keyboard cover is designed more specifically for the iPad Air 2. It’s a lightweight keyboard that weighs only 360g. So it can be carried easily with you around. The outer cover is made of sturdy plastic which keeps the iPad safe. Whereas the inner keyboard has an aluminum panel that gives it a nice firm feel while typing. It’s packed with useful function keys that allow you to play music and video files, switch between apps and perform tasks such as copying and pasting text and other data.

It is provided with a rechargeable battery. Belkin’s SmartSense feature can tell when you open the cover to use the keyboard. That allows it to turn the keyboard on or off automatically in order to preserve battery power.

6. Inateck Wireless Keyboard Case:

iPad Keyboards

This is an affordable, functional and lightweight wireless keyboard that is more suited for iPad Air 2. The Bluetooth connection picks up automatically when the keyboard is paired with your iPad. This makes it easy to move from using the case to unclipping the tablet from the frame. This frame holds the device in landscape mode when typing and connects well with a magnetic closure. And when the device is unclipped it’s not paired and this, as a result, will save battery.

The keyboard has a claimed 100 hours of battery life. So once it’s charged you don’t need to worry about running out of a juice during the work day or on a short business trip.

7. Belkin Mobile Wireless Keyboard:

iPad Keyboards

This keyboard is almost the size of the iPad Air 2 and is used in a landscape mode. This doesn’t mean that it’s designed specifically for iPads. It can’t be either used as a cover as it simply folds flat when you need to carry it around with you. This Mobile Wireless Keyboard is a handy option for people who have multiple mobile devices.

There is a kickstand at the back of the keyboard that can be adjusted with two different viewing angles for typing or watching videos. The stand is strong enough to support two separate devices even if both have up to 10-inch screens. So you can place an iPad Air upright with an iPad Mini or iPhone alongside it. The Mobile Wireless Keyboard can also use Bluetooth to pair with two separate devices. Then it can quickly switch between both of them as required. So you can type away in pages on your iPad. Then you can switch over to your iPhone. Also, you can tap out a quick text message with the flick of a switch.

These iPad keyboards turns ON itself automatically as soon as you open it up. The rechargeable battery lasts for around 160 hours of continuous use between charges.

These are some of the top best iPad Keyboards picked out for you to get rid of your confusion to select one from a huge number of keyboards on the market.

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