Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakersBluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Are you an audiophile? Then you have to purchase wireless speakers to enhance the audio experience. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers have been launched in the market. And now, we see many new products in the same domain are being invented by different tech-savvy companies.

Now, we are confused about which one to prefer among them. But, how do we decide which one is better than the other? What are the potential differences they hold? In case if you are looking forward to getting a Bluetooth speaker, how do you decide on getting one? One thing to consider about wireless speakers is that they should be waterproof so that you can use them in the rain while swimming or during any other water related exercises or sports. So, below is a list of best waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

1. JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker :Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

JBL Flip 3 has been the next generation speaker series which won awards for its functionality. The best thing about the series is that all the designs of the speakers are comprehensive and powerful delivering the filling stereo effect around the room. The waterproof Bluetooth speaker is powered by a rechargeable 3000 mAh battery which runs for a long 10 hours. The outer of the speaker is made of a splash proof and durable fabric.

The waterproof Bluetooth speaker can connect up to three different devices, and it takes calls of crystal clear quality with a single touch of a button because of the noise cancelling technology that has been embedded. You can use this speaker on sunny days and in the rain or when you’re in the pool due to the splash-proof technology. But, be careful about submerging it as it is not entirely water resistant. Also, one can build their ecosystem by connecting multiple speakers to enhance the sound experience of bass with the passive external radiators.

2.UE ROLL 2 Atmosphere Wireless Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker :

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

UE Roll 2 gives you the bold and clamorous sound of the audio track. It makes you active with the loud sound that you have to shout to be heard. Also, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is very light in weight. Therefore, it is ultra portable that you can carry it wherever you want with an attachable stretchy bungee. It is waterproof and can stay submerged for around half an hour if immersed in water of 1-meter depth. The battery life and the wireless range vary from place to place depending on the usage, environment, and settings. For instance, you’re planning to take a swim in water of depth 1 meter, you can use this UE Roll 2 Bluetooth waterproof speaker and it’s entirely cool. The best thing about the speaker is that it comes with a floater that can keep your speaker floating while you chill out in the pool. You can also take it along with you when going to a beach on a weekend on a bike trail where you can’t carry the heavy speakers but don’t want to miss the loud sound. It only weighs around 330 grams.

3. BRAVEN BRV-XXL Large Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker :

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Braven has been one of the prominent companies in manufacturing Bluetooth Waterproof speakers that can be utilized outdoors. They address the need of entertaining in camping, tailgates, trekking, water sports. Therefore, it designs the Waterproof Bluetooth speakers accordingly with quadruple audio drivers that deliver loud sound. The battery capacity is around 15,600 mAh. It runs for 14 hours without any interruption. Exclusive feature about the BRV-XXL is that it is resistant against accidents, falls, dust, water and also sun rays. You can customise the music with settings and adjustable bass. Built for any weather, this design is sandproof, dirtproof and also waterproof. The wireless range of 10m along with the advanced technology gives you massive sound and thanks to the subwoofer and the audio drivers. It contains a carrying strap along with a bottle opener and a 3.5mm jack for a microphone.

4. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker (Blue) :

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

This Bluetooth waterproof speaker is exclusively designed for audiophiles and music lovers. While it plays your favourite tunes from your Bluetooth device, you can be soothed because of the loud and clear audio anywhere you go. Also, it is very simple to use suiting your busy and active lifestyle. The external body is made of durable materials and is compact that it can be fit into your backpack without any problem. It is a wireless speaker that ranges about 10m (30 ft). It can be paired with your smartphone or Bluetooth device and also includes a voice prompt. The speaker remembers about eight devices that are recently connected making the re-connecting procedure easier. However, you can only connect two devices at a time and can switch between them with an ease. The waterproof Bluetooth speaker is lightweight. Since it has a rechargeable lithium battery with 8 hours backup, it can be carried anywhere.

5. UE BOOM 2 Brain-Freeze Wireless Bluetooth Speaker :

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

The speaker is listed as one of the best because of blasting sound with deep bass in all directions (both open and closed). It can be used for climbs, beaches, trails and in rages, rains, shines, riots and parties. In case if you want bigger sound you can use the UE app to connect to the 50 UE speakers anytime in the lakes, caves, mountains or on the rooftops. The portable design is to carry the music anywhere even on adventures. Thanks to the shockproof and waterproof technology. Also, it can play with Google Allo (Voice Assistant) and Siri with a 15-hour life and a 100 ft wireless range. However, the battery life varies according to the environmental conditions and therefore, have a backup in case of emergencies.

6. Are spark Outdoor Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker :

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker


This is the best speaker that can be connected to your Android phone or iPhone with water resistance and a high quality-price optimization, then this is your best choice. It contains speaker drives of 2*3.5 inch compromising to 7 watts and plays incredible sound in the outdoor environment. The charging lasts up to 12 hours but takes 3-4 hours to charge-up. The best thing about the speaker is the rugged yet soft exterior design which gives you a royalty about it as the speaker is enclosed with rubber. You can also have a remote control with a single button, and you can also play the audio using SD cards and Aux-in cables. The power consumption is very low, and the connection takes only around 3 seconds with the range of 33 feet. The built-in lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 1700 mAh which is low but can be charged in very less time. Also, the built-in player automatically plays the audio when an SD card is inserted in it. Whereas the microphones are useful for calling. Overall, you can take selfies with the speaker using the shutter control function.

7. FUGOO Sports Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Speaker :

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

The FUGOO Waterproof Bluetooth speakers provide durability, style and awesome sound. It weighs 1.1-pound and so is an ultra portable device that kicks out louder, clearer audio than a speaker that is twice its size. A recent firmware update gives the Style even richer sound, as well as multiple loudness modes that help you find the right volume for your surroundings. If that wasn’t enough, the $199 Fugoo is also waterproof, mudproof, snow and shockproof. You can also change the speaker’s looks via the optional jackets ($39.99). The Style also lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge. It’s the go-to speaker for any occasion.

It has got six different speakers instead of four out of which are two woofers, two radiators, two tweeters and four drivers. The speakers are tilted at an 8-degree angle for maximum outreach. They are top-rated and can be connected to your computer or laptop easily with a 95dB volume. The best thing about the speakers is that they can be submerged to a 3-meter depth of water for 30 minutes and still can work without any damage. This is because of the high incursion rating protection of IP67. Most of the competitors offer IPX5 rating where X stands for dust proof and 5 stands for waterproof but only is splashproof and not water resistant. If your main purpose is to use it for water sports, this one is the best buy and it can also be used efficiently in the indoor environment.

8. Sharkk ²O Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof Speaker :

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

This can be a cheap and best. choice. With a range of 60+ feet and connectivity that extends to 100+ feet, this wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers provides uninterrupted music, and you can check the reviews about it on Google. It has got an IP67 Waterproof rating. Therefore it can be used in a shower or for water sports. It can be connected to your device either by the Bluetooth or through an auxiliary port and it also features an SD card slot. The Battery life is around 10 hours and is indicated by the built-in LED indicator light.

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