5 Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions

Millions of Internet browsers have been using Google Chrome since its invention. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox were invented at the same time in a difference of a month or two. But Firefox was lacking a lot of features which were additionally found in Google Chrome. These Google Chrome extensions make users switch from Firefox.

Users always want to browse with those with maximum and high-quality features. Google Chrome has a plethora of extensions that will easily make you skip from Firefox. Here are the top 5 best Google Chrome extensions that will make you switch from Firefox.

1. Google Mail Checker:

GMail Notifier Extension

All the Gmail users wish to get the notifications on time. Google Toolbar and Google Talk Client are some of the Gmail notifiers which will help you have the notifications. But if something (a Google extension) is providing you more than what these Google Notifiers are giving, then that will be the most used extensions. Google Mail Checker is one of these types which notify for all your notifications.

Install this Google Mail Checker on your device. When you sign into your Gmail account, this extension will remind you the number of unread messages in your inbox. This notifier will monitor your Gmail account continuously and notify you whenever you receive a new email. It shows the count of unread messages in your Gmail inbox as a Chrome toolbar icon. When you click on that icon, it will directly lead you to the Gmail inbox in a new tab in Google Chrome.

2. Evernote Web Clipper:

Evernote Web Clipper

This Google Chrome extension is a free non-paper note-taking application that works similar to the Firefox. This extension adds the ability to clip a complete page to your Evernote Web account. You can keep records of screenshots, URLs, and other general notes. You can even synchronize your web account with your Smartphone.

3. Screenshots:

Screenshot Chrome Extension

This is one of the most popular Chrome extensions that allows you to take screenshots in Chrome. The advantage of this extension is that it is capable of capturing a whole web page. The Google Chrome Screenshot extension can fit the whole web page on a single screen even if it is very long and difficult to capture. All these screenshots are saved in a single file. Additionally, this extension has drawing and editing tools that can help you in editing the screenshots.

4. Ad-Block Extension:

Adblock Chrome Extension

When we are browsing the Internet, we come across a variety of ads on the web page. These ads might be disturbing while reading any content. So, we use ad-block extension by Google to stop the visibility of the ads on the web page. This extension gives you a very peaceful experience to browse the Internet. This is one of the extensions that is responsible for faster page loads. It allows users to specify domains for which they don’t want ads to be blocked. Select specific filters and submit ads which the Adblock has missed.

These are the top 5 best free Google Chrome extensions that will make any user skip from Firefox.

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