9 Benefits of Using these Cool Google Drive Features

9 Cool Google Drive features

Today, no tech-savvy or new bee can imagine the digital life without Google Drive app. Starting with everyday tasks and important notes, we use Google drive for most of our tasks. However, many of the Google Drive features regularly used and some are unknown.

Let’s continue to see the most useful  and cool Google Drive features.

Recent View – Photos

While we  re-start the official tasks after a few breaks, the Google Drive’s recent view tape will show us the file which has been used recently. In most of these are our photos. Did you know that sometimes we can delete photos on this recent view, which can take our time off?

If you type jpg on the Google Drive search bar, can see the image files you have recently created or edited. This feature works on both website and mobile applications.

Quick Access

This feature allows you to see all the files you’ve recently used on the My Drive. You can see the Quick Access button on the Drive Setting option, which allows you to view your latest files by clicking on it.

Search Filter

In Google Drive search bar, you can see down faced arrow. When you click on this, there are some options to filter your search responses. This feature is most useful for you if you’ve used the drive for years.

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Send link

The drive icon is found at the bottom of the Gmail’s Compose Window. By clicking on this you can send drive files or share the link through email. You can send Docs, Sheets, Slides, Pdf, Word Docs, and photos through link sharing feature.

Clear Formatting

Some options are provided to format the data you paste into the docs. The toolbar can be used to highlight normal characters. Click on Format – Clear Formatting Options. Keyboard shortcuts can also be used to do this.

Phone backup

Do you want to back up the important information of the mobile phone with the one click on the drive? Install Google drive app. Go to Settings BackupGoogle Drive. You can select the calendars, calendar events, photos or videos.

Backup on computer

With Google’s Backup and Sync App you can make your data backup in Mac or Windows Computer. Similarly, Google Drive can synchronize the data on the computer and can be easily run offline.

You can comment on Microsoft Office files

Google recently added the feature of comment on the Microsoft files. By doing this you save time without converting Word Doc files. You can now open your data and make a comment in them. Click on the comment button to do so.

Google Docs Offline

Do you want to work even when the Internet is not available? Google Drive makes it possible to use your data offline. Before doing so you need to set the Offline Accessibility feature. You need to sign in to Google Drive and select Offline access option on the Google Drive. When doing so, data can be edited offline.

Before editing Google Drive data offline, you need to sign in to your Google Account and use the service in Google Chrome.

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