Smart Remote


This Remote is the world’s first Smart Remote from Sevenhugs to control your smart home with just one touch and it was its second product. The company declared its first product, the hugOne family sleep monitor in 2015 and it shipped it to Europe and the US by the end of 2015.

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote offers multiple-device control with a smooth and simple touchscreen interface. The Smart Remote can control the devices to which it is pointed at via the smartphone app using Wi-Fi. After the Smart Remote system recognizes the device that you’re aiming at, it changes the remote’s touchscreen interface to match that device and provides wireless control. This doesn’t require any separate app or even need not switch between devices on the remote.

The remote control is, in general, called as a dependent and circumstantial remote control and has the potential to radically change how devices are controlled in the home. To add a new smart home device to the smart remote system, you’ve to first pair the device to a pertinent app, then set the location of the device by bringing the remote to the device. After which, the remote can recognizes the device whenever it’s pointed at it using Wi-Fi. For instance, pointing the remote at the speakers will produce a simple menu with volume and track controls.

You can control a device even if the smart remote is in another room or another floor by pointing it to an alternative device that is paired with the remote. For instance, you need to control a Nest thermostat in the upstairs having the remote with you on the ground floor. Then you can set the remote to control the Nest menu when you point it at the living room fireplace or window in the direction of the device.

Sevenhugs has developed the Smart Remote further to bring it into the market for under US$200. The system includes the remote, a charging base and three sockets. It is designed to work with the Nest thermostat, Philips Hue lights, and Sonos speakers. It can control any device by a single touch. Also, this smart remote will show you the weather forecast if it is pointed outside the window. Sevenhugs says that the open SDK of the remote gives itself the potential to virtually work with any smart device.


Unfortunately, the smart remote has some pros and cons compared with master apps that control all your smart home devices. It might be a bit arduous to operate the system if you have numerous devices disseminated all over a large house or bunched up relatively close together. In other homes, simply pointing the remote at the device should prove quicker and easier than installing an app, entering a password, etc. Usually, we like the way Smart Remote brings some of the simplicities of the basic remote control into the smart home. The basic remote lets you plop down on the couch and easily control various devices without many apps or hard remotes.


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