No. 1 H-1B Visa Sponsor Tries to Bury Anti-White Bias Lawsuit

Cognizant H-1B Visa


The Cognizant IT company is increasingly using the US H-1B visa service to work with foreign staffs. But the company has been accused of providing more concessions to Indian employees against whites. Three of their foreign staff members here have complained that Indian officials and employees are refining their performance and refusing to give promotions, but at the same time offering many concessions to the less qualified South Asian employees.

The Cognizant without replying to the complaint reported that the federal civil rights law could not take action against this complaint. Donald Trump to become the US President, he promised to ensure the livelihood of the Americans by reducing foreign workers. This has already affected most of the Indian companies and employees. Now, this Cognizant compliant is expected rise more problems for Indian companies.

County Judge of the Los Angeles, United States, Daly Ji, dismissed the claim by Cognizant. Last year, Cognizant employed 29,000 employees in the United States by the H-1B visa program. TCS is next to it. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google have used the H-1B Visa service for less than 5,000 people.

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