Record Slow Motion Video from Smartphone Camera


There are several technologies facilitating if you are a photography enthusiast who loves to explore new ways of capturing snaps and videos from your tablet or smartphone. There are a plethora of applications to tap slow motion videos that can turn your device into a tool for capturing such clips. There is no such default feature in them as far as the Android devices are concerned. On concord, their competent iPhone 5S comes with a slow-motion video feature. Hence, here we have listed out some of the slow motion video apps for you to download and try them.

Slow Motion Video


You can record videos through this “Slow Motion Video” app with the highest possible resolution and then plays them back in slow motion. You can view the clip frame by frame and choose the speed of the playback as desired. This also facilitates in renaming or deleting the videos and also lets you to choose any video in the gallery and play in show motion with this app.

ReAction Slow Motion Video



The ReAction Slow Motion Video app assists in creating dramatic slow motion videos instantly. It have no loss in the quality. This doesn’t result in any motion blurs or inter-frame artifacts that are common in slow motion clips. There are in-app purchases for slow motion Speed Bump profiles and they include The Wall and The Drop, while Smooth is included by default.

Slow Motion Free


You can choose Slow Motion Free as it is a slow motion video viewer to view an already existing video from the gallery or to record a new clip using the app. You can also choose the desire speed of video recording. This app also has a Pro version with frame rate bar sensitivity option, ability to choose between internal or external storage and no ads, also limitless recording time.

Controlled Capture Lite


The Controlled Capture app makes it easy to capture time lapse sequenced pictures and slow motion videos. You can record both slow and fast events and observe the intricate details in the clip with this app. This has two modes namely Image Capture and Video Capture. You can capture Slo-Mo videos and normal ones and share them instantly using this Video Capture Mode. You need to do the only thing setting the time length and it starts recording.

AndroVid Video Editor


The AndroVid Video Editor is capable of merging, transcoding, trimming, splitting, applying effects, adding music, grabbing video frames, adding text, making slideshow and more. There are several video effects and the most important as of now is the Slow Motion playback. It also allows you to set video frames as the wallpaper of the device.

Other Applications

There are few more slow motion video capture and playback applications on the Google Play Store besides the ones there are mentioned above. There is a slew of video editing applications. Easy Slow Movie Player and Movie Studio Video Maker are some of the noteworthy mentions.


The aforementioned applications could prove to be very useful if you were looking for an option to shoot slow motion video clips. There are settings that can be done in certain high-end devices to enable slow motion video capture, but sometimes they could be obscure apart from these.

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