Weirdest Gadgets Of CES 2017

In the CES technology show conducted every year, some of the top companies like LG, Samsung, and Apple introduce their innovations. This year’s innovations has exhibited a credit card sized supercomputer, 4k TVs as thin as wallpaper, smartphones with 3D maps. These are just a few of the innovations which were showcased at CES 2017.

This CES 2017 exhibition being conducted in January is a showcase for trends which likely dominates the technology. This year conference has included some of the weirdest gadgets which include smart hair brush, toothbrush, and many. All these weird gadgets have been listed below.

So let’s get to know the trendy gadgets of CES 2017 which seem strange in some or the other way.

1. Kérastase Hair Brush:

Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings

We always opt for better and best things than what we are using at present. The same we do in the case of a hair brush. Don’t we? We wish to have more special features than the one which is being used. What if your hair brush has an Internet connection? Won’t it be amazing? Yes, absolutely! Kérastase hair brush has this feature to connect to the Internet. This gadget was powered by Withings.

This smart hair brush was designed with three companies collaboration. They are L’Oreal, Withings, and Kérastase. The smart hair brush has a microphone that listens to the sound of hair brushing. It also has an accelerometer, gyroscope, and many other sensors. All the data is transferred to a mobile app with the help of the Internet connection. The main aim of the smart hair brush being to prevent the users’ hair from getting damaged. Its price may be under Rs.13,000.

2. Hushme Voice Mask:

Hushme Voice Mask

We often come across people talking over the phone calls very loudly. And of course, everyone feels this loud voice very disturbing. Are you one among those people whose voice is unpleasant while they are speaking in some other phone calls? Don’t worry! The Hushme voice mask will control your voice. Now, there’s no one who finds your voice irritating them. The HushMe consists of a pair of earbuds attached to a padded mask. This mask covers the wearer’s mouth to muffle his or her voice while speaking. This accessory might not be so interesting for most of the people that they would choose to wear.

3. Hypersuit VR Simulator:

Hypersuit VR Simulator

The Hypersuit is a wearable simulator from French firm THEORY. This gives the wearer the impression that they have wings and can fly like a superhero. But it does little else to simulate the sensation of movement, which is where the Hypersuit comes in. The simulator is a massive Exo suit that can be controlled via arm movements while lying on the device. This hope will make the virtual reality experience more convincing.

4. Denso Vacuum Shoes:

CES is an exhibition full of peculiar home products that are any way useful and trendy. But perhaps these vacuum shoes are oddest which came from Denso, a Japanese firm. The company showcased a pair of vacuum-cleaning shoes. These shoes are capable of sucking up dirt as you walk. There is a pedal included in the heel which activates the motor. The shoe promotes to inhale nearby debris and store it in a tiny box equipped in the shoe’s sole. It’s a concept in the prototype stage. So there are a few chances you’ll ever be able to wear the housecleaning footwear to clean your house.

5. Kolibree Era Smart Toothbrush:

Kolibree Ara Smart Toothbrush

The tech industry has developed an obsession with artificial intelligence over the past several years. Kolibree’s new smart Toothbrush has been a gadget as evidenced. The oral hygiene toothbrush includes its own processor. It is said to use deep learning algorithms that learn about the user’s habits, complete with an “offline” mode.

6. Vibrating shorts:

Vibrating Jeans and Shorts

The Spinali Design shorts was designed to have two vibrating sensors on the belt. These sensors will be connected to the wearer’s smartphone via Bluetooth. This will help them to navigate through any urban environments by buzzing when they need to turn right or left. The sensors also buzz if the wearer has an incoming call or text. This helps them as there is no need to keep checking their smartphone.

7. Fridge camera:

The Smarter Fridge Camera is a small remote camera that is designed to sit inside your fridge. This camera takes a snapshot of the contents of the fridge whenever the door is closed. These snapshots can be seen on your smartphone. The Fridge Cam can also scan and identify bar codes on food products which are placed in the fridge. It even tracks the expiry dates of the contents and notifies the users when food needs to be eaten or thrown away.

8. Lovebox:


The Lovebox is being promoted as a discrete way to correspond with a significant other. It looks like a wooden trinket box that connects to the Internet. It works with a mobile app and this box costs Rs.6350. When the recipient receives a new message, a heart on the front of the box spins. And which the text appears on a mirror that is fixed on top of the box.

9. Anti-pollution Scarf:

wair smart scarf air pollution CES 2017

This anti-pollution scarf is designed keeping in mind, the cyclists. It has a built-in filtration mask that claims to protect the wearer from the main toxic components of air pollution in the city. The scarf measures the quality of ambient air continuously. It sends a notification to the wearer’s smartphone when they enter a polluted area, prompting them to use the scarf to cover their nose and mouth.

10. Smart Bed:

Smart bed

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed is designed to keep you comfortable by sensing your movements. It can automatically adjust your position to let you sleep blissfully. It works even when there are two people on the bed. It can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. The best thing is that it helps you raise your head to stop snoring.

This is a list of the weirdest gadgets at CES 2017. You can find some of them being trendy or some of them may even seem to dominate the technology even.

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