Are you having a problem that others are using your wireless/wired network? Do you wish to secure your network and increase your wifi internet speed? Don’t worry! Here is a tool that will help you discover who is on your wireless or wired network instantly. The tool is named as “Netcut”.

Netcut works on all LAN networks such as office LAN, school LAN, ISP LAN. It even works on iPhone, Xbox, Wii, PS3Android, Android networks. It takes only a few seconds to find and export all MAC addresses in your network. This tool will help you turn ON and OFF any device connected to your network. There are a number of devices it can support, they may be a computer, mobile phone, Wii, Xbox, router, switcher, etc.

Netcut can protect users from ARP spoof attack which is a technique by which an attacker sends Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) messages onto a LAN. Mainly, it associates the attacker’s MAC address with the IP address of another host. Netcut can change the MAC address on any adapter.

Anyhow, Netcut can help you clone MAC address from any device in your network.

Let us now know how the Netcut works?

You need not be an expert to use this Netcut tool. Either there isn’t much network knowledge required. It’s very easy to use this tool.

Just run the Netcut tool to see all the IP and MAC addresses and device names in your network. This will allow you to control or change the MAC address or turn ON/OFF. Meaning, you can disconnect other wifi users who are connected to your wifi router which will increase your device internet speed too. Letting the tool to run in the background will protect your network from ARP Spoof attacks. It can execute several tasks such as listing the IP-MAC address within no time.


It’s just one click ahead to secure the user computer functions. No one can neither remove you from the network with Spoof technology nor trace you out to know what’s happening.

Usually, routers are used to secure the Broadband Internet connection with a password where all the devices are connected through cables or wirelessly. If you protect your connection with passwords, you have to consider the network management in order to avoid different problems that may occur if any member on the LAN is trying to abuse the bandwidth.

You can make most out of this tool when the members connected in your LAN are using the Internet connection to transfer huge files, watch high definition streaming movies, to play video games continuously. This will, in turn, slow down the connection for other users. Running this software tool will list all the users connected to your network. Then you can change your IP or MAC address or turn ON/OFF the connection. You can also block the connection of other users in your network” with the help of Netcut. And the good news is the blocked users will not know what has happened.

You can use the Netcut tool in all versions of Windows and it can be downloaded for free. When Netcut is installed on your device, it will ask to restart your device for proper functioning. When the system restarts, Netcut will start working automatically. Then it will list the users on your network. Select the username and click on Cut off which will not allow the user to connect with the network anymore until you turn ON the connection for that user. so it will automatically enhance your wifi internet speed.

Click here to download the Netcut.

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