A well-planned family holiday is a perfect solution for relaxing the mind. A family vacation lets you unplug, escape busyness as well as maximize your time together. Your vacation must not adversely impact your budget, so, while planning it, you must focus on doing the right things in the right manner.

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Here are 10 ways to plan a family vacation on a budget:

1) It’s All About the Timing –

Don’t rely on last-minute deals existing during your kids’ school holidays as these are generally to unwanted places. Since you’ll know your kids’ school term dates beforehand, use this knowledge for booking well in advance, say, even a couple of years ahead. This way you can book at comparatively low prices when there isn’t any demand.

If kids aren’t going to school yet, take benefit of off-peak costs and travel when crowds are much fewer. For instance, traveling to a mountain ski retreat during summer or to a relaxing beach getaway off-season can be remarkably charming and inexpensive.

2) Network –

Ask fellow parents relating to trips or tours they’ve taken, their total cost and how they’d save money differently in the future. This way you’ll learn several dos and don’ts for planning your budget vacation.

Also, you’ll find several forums to interact with countless fellow travelers as well as family vacation bloggers online, enthusiastic about giving you their money-saving tips on places they’ve visited.

3) Travel Smart –

Consider traveling to your vacation destination differently. Why not save money on overnight accommodation and create treasurable memories by taking an overnight journey by train, ferry or bus? Kids are sure to treat it as a huge event, retelling the story repeatedly, once back home.

You can also use your vehicle to take a family road journey, thus preventing the cost of rental cars.

Make sure that your vehicle has a roof rack basket to carry camping gear and scuba diving equipment.
Kids love to bask in the outdoors, so plan day trips involving nature trails or go picnicking to avoid expensive restaurants.

4) Consider Staying with Friends –

Though not glamorous and seemingly not a perfect vacation, staying with friends will drastically reduce your travel expenditure in terms of lodging and some meals. What’s more, you’ll be spending time with your loved ones!

So, with only having to cover the expenses of arriving at your destination, you’re sure to manage your vacation budget well. Make your hosts remember you as a great guest by paying for groceries and preparing some meals. You could also express your gratitude by treating your buddies for dinner during your stay.

5) Use Green Transportation in the New Place –

Experience your vacation destination as the locals do. Walking and biking are easy and inexpensive ways to experience a new place. You can also use cheap and eco-friendly public transport such as buses and shuttles running on electricity.

You can rent bicycles in several cities worldwide. Enjoy riding around the new place together, taking in its amazing views. Walking is, undoubtedly, the best exercise and lets you connect closely with nature.

Green Transportation
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Aren’t these great money-saving options, with not requiring to buy gasoline? If you need to get around in a car, how about renting a fuel-efficient car?

6) Think Beyond Traditional Hotel Rooms –

Make your vacation interesting by opting for unconventional accommodations. If you’re a large family, it’s best to rent a vacation villa, so that you can stay in big groups for a long duration quite economically. Simply check out worldwide rental lodgings online and you’re good to go.

What better vacation stay than at a campsite? Besides saving a great deal of money, you get an opportunity to explore the outdoors, while enjoying water activities and horseback riding in the immediate surroundings of your camping spot.

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Camping lets kids as well as adults truly immerse themselves in nature, also offering the unique experience of cooking outdoors.

7) Befriend Family Discounts –

Though large group discounts are not applicable in your case, you, as a family can certainly use numbers in several small ways to your benefit. For instance, you can avail of a discount pass while using local transport. When it comes to visiting attractions, browse the web for family coupons and large exhibitions that allow free entry to kids, and utilize marketing campaigns like kids-go-free weeks for theaters.

8) Cut Down on Restaurant Meals –

Plan for food. Traditional and fast-food restaurants not only put a large dent in your vacation travel budget but also fail to provide the right nutrients. So, instead of eating out frequently, plan to buy large quantities of grocery items which make easy breakfasts as well as quick lunches. For instance, cereal, fruit, and bread. If you’d like to try out a few nice restaurants at your destination, consider going for lunch instead of dinner, so that you can enjoy the same meal paying less.

Right Food Nutrients
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9) Limit Your Expenses to the Essentials –

It’s common knowledge that little extras add up to your expenditure. So, merely trimming these few additions can take a substantial load off your budget. If you’re planning to book a hotel, find one with a substantial, complimentary breakfast. Carry reusable water bottles, browse the cheapest gas stations near you, and use public transport.

10) Try Voluntourism –

How about spending your family vacation volunteering, instead of indulging in yourselves? Research exciting voluntourism opportunities and find out their eligibility criteria. Umpteen fun possibilities lie ahead of you. For instance, helping to build a Habitat house, cleaning up hiking trails, doing farm chores, or tackling a project abroad. What’s more, voluntourism often provides free accommodation, reducing your vacation budget considerably.

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So, now you know some smart ways to plan your family vacation on a budget. Overall, be flexible, opportunistic, and knowledgeable, so that you’d end up having a memorable family vacation without breaking the bank.

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