comodoNow a days hacking has become a major problem in internet field. Many companies and popular websites are hacked by some hackers.  We have to pay some attention to protect ourselves from such type of hackers. For getting rid of virus, we install antivirus. But from getting rid of hackers we use firewall.

Firewall acts as a gateway to protect our system from unauthorized access in and outside the network, which can be either software based or hardware based. It is a tool to protect our computers which are connected to a network such as LAN or internet. It protects our system by filtering the data packets that are sent from outside network. The data packets that contain malwares and unwanted data are discarded using filters and the other packets are sent inside. It also has the ability to enhance security by enabling granular control which decides what type of functions and process have access to networking resources.


Comodo is the best firewall which protects our system from unauthorized access and malwares. It is available for free of cost. It protects your devices like pc, laptops from unauthorized users, intruders from outside network and inside world. Through PORTS hackers will try to enter into the user’s PC. There are many ports in your PC which is not secure. Comodo firewall closes all these type of ports automatically and protects our system from hackers.


  • Download comodo from its website and then install it in your PC.
  • Now leave the security to comodo.
  • Whenever a software tries to establish connection over internet, fire wall will ask you a question whether to accept it or to deny.
  • If the user trust the software, then they can allow it.
  • For example if the user opens any browser, it will ask permission whether to open it or not.
  • If any malicious program or Trojan tries to establish connection, then it will block it.


  • Comodo removes the existing virus and malwares instantly.
  • It also blocks all the unwanted internet attacks and connections.
  • It gives complete protection to the system.
  • It keeps you updated about all the suspicious files.
  • Automatic updation is also a best feature in comodo.
  • It hides the internet provider(IP) address to protect the system from malwares and hackers.
  • It protects the user’s data safe and untouched.
  • Installation is free and it is more user friendly.
  • It acts upon OSI layers 2, 3 and 4 to filter the incoming and outgoing packets and network filters.
  • Comodo also has virtual browser which will not save any passwords or history.

A tool called Anti-terror, identifies the PC issues and gives a correct solution also.