Any contractor looking forward to buying a spray foam rig should be careful. With the right high-quality equipment, having an efficient and durable mobile rig will significantly make a mark in your spray foam insulation business. This article is going to show you things you never thought about buying your spray foam rig. Read on.

6 Things You Never Thought About Buying A Spray Foam Rig


The first thing to consider when buying a spray foam rig is the purpose. The rig can perform three functions including roofing versus insulation, part-time or full time, and residential versus commercial applications. A rig for insulating attics requires storage tanks and other application equipment and materials. Some rigs come pre-equipped but you can have one customized to fit your purpose. Handling residential spray foam application requires a machine outputting 5 to 8 pounds per minute. Larger machines can output 15 to 20 pounds per minute.

Handling large residential and commercial projects requires investing time on the projects using a hydraulic machine with a higher output rating. There is the introduction of robotics in the spray foam industry for accuracy and optimal performance when handling spray foam on the roof. This requires using high performing foam and coating machines.


It is very important to mind about trailer type when investing in a spray foam rig. You have to invest in the best spray foam trailer that conveniently pulls loads and support the demands of your intended use. Trailers come in various designs and sizes. Working in a congested area requires minding about the size of the trailer to ensure it accesses most areas you cover.

Handling projects in challenging geographical areas requires a trailer with optimal payloads and extra rugged suspension. Handling huge projects requires carrying huge materials and equipment and a trailer customized to meet your requirement. You can buy a used trailer but it should be in well serviced to ensure that it will work efficiently as a new one. Handling small residential jobs requires a box truck or short trailer. 


The other consideration when buying a spray foam rig is the particular material you intend to spray. You have to consider whether you plan to spray foam, coatings, pour foams, or slab jacking. When planning to handle small home renovation projects, you will have to invest in a rig to match the purpose and material for use. This should be easy to use and readily available from any spray foam equipment supplier.

Alternatively, handling thousands of square feet requires a powerful hydraulic machine to handle coatings and spray foam application. This is ideal for contractors looking forward to installing open cell foam and closed cell foam. The rig should be rated for moisture barrier and to serve a higher R-value compared to rock wool and fiberglass. Using equipment with lower R-value encourages retaining moisture encouraging mold.


You have to determine an adequate and reliable power source for operating the compressor, proportioner, work lights, and other equipment. Understanding this makes it easy to determine the optimal size for the generator and compressor. You will have to choose from a small electric unit, gas compressor, and generator, or diesel generator with an electric compressor for handling large-scale commercial projects.

The rule of thumb is not to buy more than required, thinking big when considering electrical power for your rig is a good idea. It will ensure that you have enough power for all your requirements. This eliminates the chances of frustration that might result from working only to discover that your power is not enough. Additionally, it saves you from unplanned upgrades on discovering that the power does not meet your requirements.


It is equally important to mind about the pressure for your rig determined by the equipment and space required. Low output spray foam equipment is appropriate for residential applications. Huge commercial projects require more materials. Therefore, you need a hydraulic machine with a higher output, pressure ratings, appropriate transfer pumps, and hose length. A rig with appropriate pressure that matches application requirements leads to a more successful project.


Finally, making a business investment requires having an appropriate budget. It is important to understand how much you are willing to invest in. Your budget dictates whether to buy a new rig or used one. However, trying to remain cost-effective does not mean going for the lowest priced rig. This might be low quality and become a waste of time in a short while. You need a quality rig that fits your budget while meeting your requirements.

Final thoughts

It is important to have an appropriate spray foam rig to match your installation. The ideas above are helpful to help you purchase a rig to match your residential or commercial spray foam application requirements. The right rig will lead to successful operations leading to improvement on your bottom line.

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