Thanks to the popularity and availability of social media, modern women are far less likely to look at outrageous runway looks for fashion inspiration than they used to in previous years. Instead, fashion enthusiasts are turning to street style and street fashion looks to see what is actually being shopped and worn by chic and influential trendsetters all around the world.

Street Fashion Ideas

Street Fashion Ideas

This season, the streets have seen everything from completely new trends to reinvigorated takes on old classics and overall impeccable styling. If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are the biggest street style trends you can cop and start wearing right now:

Statement coats

For the last couple of years, the streets of fashion capitals of the world were graced with an insane amount of plush, as fur was the dominant outerwear trend. However, whether the real versus faux fur argument prompted many women to stop wearing both, or we’re simply finally ready for a change, the biggest statement coat trends are now long and lean brightly colored or vividly printed pieces. Usually paired with neutral, monochromatic outfits, these coats make just as much of a statement and are arguably even more impactful.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans

Whether they’re skinny or in a boyfriend cut, light wash, dark wash, black or white, trendy ripped jeans are all the rage in street style fashion, as they are the most practical and versatile piece a woman could own. This staple item could be paired with anything from a basic T-shirt and a pair of sneakers for a cute and casual look to an elegant button-down and some chic high heels for the most amazing night out outfit. And layered under a chic oversized coat, these outfits are simply the definition of the beauty of street style fashion.

White Sneakers

From the ever-popular All-Stars to trendy Superstars, white sneakers have gained massive popularity over the last few years, and are still going strong in the street style community. Being one of the most elegant and versatile colors, white sneakers are worn with almost anything from casual athleisure outfits to innovative business casual looks with bold and daring two-piece suits and are truly a street style staple everyone should own.

Lots of Leather

Lots of leather

Layered leather looks graced every fashionista, influencer and Instagram model this season, and quite frankly, we haven’t seen this material styled in such a fun and fresh way in a long time. Whether it’s leather trench coats paired with leather chinos, leather blazers layered over leather dresses or biker jackets worn with skinny leather pants, these ensembles truly make you wish that your entire closet was filled with nothing but smooth, buttery leather. If you want to give this amazing trend a try, mix and match different cuts and shapes, as well as different colors or shades, to make the outfit interesting and avoid an overly uniformed look.

Animal Prints

A trend we all thought we left behind in the 20th century, animal prints are coming back in a big way. However, instead of the classic zebra and leopard prints, snakeskin designs are becoming the most popular option. From snakeskin ankle and knee-high boots to snakeskin handbags and even loud trench coats, this bold animal print has slowly but surely taken the street style world by storm. If you want to try this trend out, opt for a statement bag or a pair of shoes and combine them with some dark denim for a sleek and fashionable look.

From statement outerwear and loud prints to sleek leather and revived classics, this amazing list of the biggest fashion trends, that are as fashionable and eye-catching as they are easy to pull off, only goes to show why street fashion style always reigns supreme.

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