Most of the Facebook users don’t know how to share animated GIF on facebook accounts. But it is very simple to share the animated GIF pictures on your Facebook accounts. The users can add the images to their timeline too. The user can also share the GIF images depending on their mood, since so many images are available there.


Steps to add animated GIF images on the Facebook:

Facebook has restricted to share the outside or outsource GIF images. But it allows sharing the images that are already in the Facebook. To share those images the user has to go to this page on the Facebook.

Step 1: Go to the GIF image page and right click on the image and then copy the link address on it.

Step 2: Then paste the link in a notepad page.

Step 3: Then the user has to replace the page or profile that they want to display with the GIF image.

Step 4: Now copy the edited URL from the notepad page and share it on the Facebook Timeline too.

The steps are completed now the user can enjoy the GIF images on their page and timeline too. Be sure to remove the URL once the image is shared.

The user can share with their friends and enjoy it.