Facebook is the popular social networking site in the world. One of the recent launches of Facebook is Graph Search to concentrate on news feed. Previously the users find all stories on one place, now the news feed is with different option. Here we will discuss about facebook news feed settings and features.

The new design features of news feed:

  • All Friends -The user can find everything shared by their friends.
  • Photos – The user can get the photos of their friends and their liked pages.
  • Music – Music listened by the user and their friends.
  • Following – The user can get the news from the people they are following.


The posts in the new design of the news feed are,

Places, bigger images, Videos and third party apps.

The pictures and videos and other shared articles will have a new look.

A thumbnail of the person who shared a video or tagged in a video will appear on the left side.

Here are the steps to get New News Feed:

The user has to just login to their Facebook account.

Then click on the following link,

And then scroll down to the bottom of the page


Then click the Join Waiting List. Then the user will be added to the list.

When the user gets the News Feed on the Facebook, the user can see a message at the top of the Feed.

Then the user has to click on just Give It a Try and the feature will be enabled.