TomTom Touch Smartwatch Review

TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker

TomTom is taking on Fitbit with its new Touch fitness tracker. TomTom Touch is the first fitness tracker from the TomTom company, even it has made a few hardcore fitness watches like the Spark. With a slim design and interesting body composition technology. It looks like it may be able to stand its ground against the best. It includes with it, the in-car navigation technology.

It costs nearly Rs.8800 ($129) i.e., equivalent to that of a Fitbit. Touch is mainly designed to measure the fat and muscle mass of your body. This can be obtained when you hold your finger against the metallic point on the band. It also includes tracking of calories, distance, and steps. It adds with it the TomTom Touch sleep tracker that can track your sleep along with the fat and muscle mass tracking.

Design and Features:

TomTom Touch Smartwatch Design

The design of the TomTom Touch is similar to the GearFit and shape is similar to Fitbit Alta. The tracker of the Touch consists of a small screen to notify the number of steps you have covered. It also provides you with other important data like time and even the smartphone notifications. It’s a comfortable and a waterproof Tomtom tracking device. Unless it is completely dunked in water or pool, it can work its best without any flaw.

Besides the fact that Fitbit Flex can do better than the TomTom fitness tracker when in water, TomTom Touch looks far better and completely featured than the alternative. Though the TomTom Touch is a comfortable tracking device, it’s not a lightweight or discreet ass other trackers are. It uses a watch-style buckle design that is easier to manage.


There’s an optical-heart-rate sensor on the rear of the tracker that offers a constant look into your resting rate. The tracking device hasn’t been tested if its technology is accurate. If it proves to work well, then the tracker can be able to tell how healthy are you.

It’s also featured to get phone notifications through to your wrist too. But the thing is, when it was being launched, this was only limited to SMS and phone calls. Therefore, you won’t get much functionality as in a smartwatch. It connects to the “TomTom MyCompanion” app that will give you a preview of the results. It also includes for you to add challenges in the options.

The TomTom Touch band comprises a metallic point which is designed with a sensor. When a finger is kept to press or hold on the point, it senses the heart rate of the body. It can also track the fat sensing the finger which is placed on the metallic point present on the band.

Activity Tracking:

TomTom Touch Activity Tracking

There are a number of activities that the TomTom Touch can track. Activities include walking, running, bicycling, swimming, and weight tracking. All the activities are being tracked with the help of the GPS tracking app in the device. Since the TomTom Touch has a built-in GPS tracker, it can track all these with its help. It does all the tracking activities with the help of a sensor.


The battery of this TomTom Touch tracker can remain for up to 5 days. It’s not quite certain on the exact size of the sensor. With the tracker size being so small, 5 days battery wouldn’t at all be a surprise. Since no battery can drain quickly by displaying on a tiny area. It is designed in small size (4.92 to 6.49 inches in circumference) and large sizes (5.51 to 8.11 inches). Here, the band itself is 0.45-inch thick. It weighs only 10 grams which seem for you holding nothing on your wrist.

Final Verdict

The TomTom Touch is one of the best fitness trackers among the other trackers available in the market. It has some of the brand new features built-in itself. There’s another product launched by TomTom that is well known for its GPS navigation system and muti-sports fitness watch with music. This is named as TomTom Spark 3.

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