DIY CCTV Home Security Camera



If any of the old smartphones are not used at home, it can be used in many ways. The old smartphone will be sold at a discounted price and can be used for various tasks.

If there are children at home, it can be used to safeguard them or use the Android smartphone as a Google home speaker. However, the using the old smartphones as a wireless security camera will keep the house safe at all times.

If your old smartphone can turn on and able to operate the rear camera, then it is more than enough to turn your old smartphone to security camera. It is very simple to do and can be done free of charge.

Step 1: Mobile Security App

You need to install a Security Camera app on your mobile phone. Most apps offer almost identical features. You can keep track of your home or other places from anywhere by installing the app on the smartphone.

Alfred is one of the best services to use a mobile camera like CCTV. This is why you can do this task anyway, whether your old mobile phone is an Android or iPhone.

To start with:

You should download Alfred app on your old mobile phone and new smartphone or tablet. Swipe to start on the new smartphone. Click on Viewer Options and go to the next option.

You need to log in with Google Account. Follow the same steps on the old mobile phone, here you have to click on the camera option instead of viewer option. It is also necessary to log in to your Google Account.

Once you have Sign In the Alfred on both the phones, almost all settings have been completed. Alfred app features are very simple to use and can be operated with some setup.

You can only implement the Motion Detection option on the iOS, in which choose one of the primary and front-facing cameras. Similarly, the audio can be made either enabled or disabled.

These features work smoothly on the Android platform. If smartphone reboots, You have to open the Alfred app again, log in and enter the passcode.

In the new smartphone you can change the notifications, record camera or viewer name, connect others into your trusted contacts(through which they can do to see your video feeds), removing the camera, how many times the camera is disconnected and motion detection sensitivity.

To use Old Smartphone as Security cam, Alfred is not only the option. Manything – effective service to use only on the IOS device is available to everyone with a variety of payments. Similarly, IP webcam is one of the most popular applications available on the Android.

Step 2: Where to place the camera

When you’re done on smartphones, you have to fit the camera. The camera can be placed on the entrance door of the house, the back and near to your expensive items. IP camera can also be used to monitor the baby.

Most mobile phones can fit various cameras for additional protection.

Step 3: Camera Mount and Charging facility


Smartphone Tripod or Suction Cup Car Mount will work better. The smartphone can also include a wide angle lens with the camera to extend the camera’s coverage.

Since it requires more power to stream videos, smartphones are good for preparing to charge at any time or at a place where the camera is placed.

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