Marketing Conferences Entrepreneur Should Attend

Marketing conferences

Marketing Conferences are must for business entrepreneurs. Not all the conferences put you off out of there. Many of the conference sessions have the same basic knowledge since a few years. But there are some best marketing conferences that are highly expensive. They even seem that they aren’t worth the money and time investment.

You may come across a rare gem that provides values while attending conferences. Value is something that not only reveals itself in one form. There are various kinds of values that are provided by different conferences.

  • The networking value
  • The knowledge value
  • The inspirational value

Many conferences let you know about various kinds of values. Here is a list of marketing conferences which entrepreneurs must attend in 2017. They are classified based on the kind of value you prefer to listen.

Conferences For Networking Value

1. Social Media Marketing World:

This is a must attend marketing conference (at least once in life) put by Social Media Examiner even if you aren’t an expert in social media marketing. Definitely, there might be hundreds of sessions to attend other than this. But the thing is a number of networking opportunities provided by this conference.

Beyond the multiple parties, actually, there are networking facilitators in this conference. They move around the event introducing themselves to everyone intending to connect to as many people as possible.

  • Date of conference: March 22 – 24 2017
  • Number of attendees: 4,000
  • Cost of ticket: $1597
  • Place: San Diego

2. Content Marketing World:

This conference is put on by Content Marketing Institute hosting with hundreds of knowledgeable speakers. The real value of this conference stands with the huge number of networking opportunities available. This will give a chance for the speakers and attendees to meet with some of the very best influencers in the industry.

  • Date of conference: September 5 – 8 2017
  • Number of attendees: 3,600
  • Cost of ticket: $1295
  • Place: Cleveland

3. SXSW:

South by SouthWest is a conference with over 72,000 registrants in 2016 from different industries. Industries include business, film, music and many other networking potentials. There are various kinds of lounges and parties throughout the event with speakers, attendees, and artists come together under a single roof.

  • Date of conference: March 10 – 16 2017
  • Number of attendees: 72,000
  • Cost of ticket: $1450
  • Place: Austin

4. Dreamforce:

Dreamforce is a conference put on by salesforce and hosts more than 170,000 attendees. This has some past speakers like Tony Robbins, Melinda Gates and performances by U2, The Foo Fighters and The Killers. There are a number of opportunities to make valuable connections at this event since there are hundreds of parties in the conference.

Dreamforce is a conference with inspirational values along with networking values.

  • Date of conference: November 6 – 9 2017
  • Number of attendees: 170,000
  • Cost of ticket: $2000
  • Place: San Francisco

Conference For The Knowledge Values

5. MozCon:

MozCon is an intimate conference with a few attendees and speakers. This conference is put on by Moz expects more than 2000 attendees every year. You have to access to the entire speech because there are no break sessions.

Most of the topics in the conference are related to SEO and also includes more than that. The attendees here are quite more technically savvy than a few other larger conferences. MozCon is a must for those looking for data-driven insights and proven marketing tactics.

  • Date of conference: September 12 – 14 2017
  • Number of attendees: more than 2000
  • Cost of ticket: $1349
  • Place: Seattle

6. CTC Conference:

CTC Conference is hosted by Unbounce and has no break sessions like the Moz. But the thing is this conference presents the high-value contents. Experts speakers take over the session and bring highly valuable insights. This will help marketers master topics such as Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization.

  • Date of conference: June 25 – 27 2017
  • Number of attendees: more than 1,000
  • Cost of ticket: $1000
  • Place: Vancouver, Canada

7. WistiaFest:

A marketer who is not making use of visual content marketing must attend this WistiaFest conference. It is particular for video marketing. Conceptualizing your videos to storytelling techniques and production techniques will let you learn everything. Surely, you will become a master of video marketing after attending this session.

  • Date of conference: June 11 & 12 2017
  • Number of attendees: more than 1,000
  • Cost of ticket: $850
  • Place: Boston

8. Content Marketing Conference:

Content Marketing conference is put on by WriterAccess. This is known as one of the best conferences out there. There will be 40 different speakers sharing actionable insights for using content marketing as a dependable acquisition and revenue channel. Then you will be left with a library of new information. The sessions are broken up into different “tracks” which focus on creation, optimization, distribution, planning and performance, making the process of selecting sessions more seamless.

  • Date of conference: April 11 – 13 2017
  • Number of attendees: 300 – 1,000
  • Cost of ticket: $1637
  • Place: Boston

Conferences for the Inspirational Value

9. Inbound:

Last year, some of the speakers at Inbound included individuals such as Serena Williams, Reshma Saujani, Marley Dias (11 years old), and Gary Vee. These were highly motivating sessions other than they were truly inspirational. This is a conference for those looking for help to push them into productivity mode. Attending the keynote and spotlight sessions will be more useful.

  • Date of conference: September 25 – 28 2017
  • Number of attendees: more than 15,000
  • Cost of ticket: $1699
  • Place: Boston

10. The Power Of Success:

Last time, in an event of The Power of Success, had over 5,000 people dancing like it was the happiest day of their lives. The sessions of the Power Of Success is not only highly motivating and inspirational but are extremely funny and informative as well. Usually, the Power of Success puts on three events a year, all of which take place in Canada. Each event is one full day off sessions that strive to empower all the attendees.

  • Date of conference: March 2017
  • Number of attendees: 5,000
  • Cost of ticket: $250
  • Place: Montreal, Canada

These are the Marketing Conferences Entrepreneurs must attend in the coming times in this year. They provide with inspirational, knowledge and motivational values in their sessions.

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