Do u like to add extra storage to your android mobile or iphone?


Generally , we all have limited storage in our smart phones if we need to carry more images , videos and documents and your phone storage is full, what will you do? There is no other choice to add an external SD card even if phone storage is getting low.

Then the finite solution for this is that you should have cloud- based services such as Google Drive or Drop box drive that adds unlimited storage to your mobile virtually but you must have internet connected to access the files.

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Here, this provides mobile phone storage space and storage to your tablets that are similar to regular USB drive. Due to this, I have been verifying a wireless stick of USB from Sandisk. To start this, you should plug the USB device into your desktop computer or laptop and let it get charged for about two hours or an hour. Through this, you can also transfer files to stick from the system through finder on Mac or windows explorer.

If once the device gets charged, you should click the little power button on that stick to turn it on. Then install the Sandisk connection app on your phone, then move to WI-FI settings on your mobile and connect to WI-FI Hotspot by the USB stick that is created.


The data of the USB can be accessed now from your smart phones. Audio and video files those are stored on the stick can be streamed. You can open PDF files, documents and also browse pictures in related phone apps and transferring of files between mobile and wireless drive is easily done. It is more such as plugging USB stick into mobile but without wires.

By default the WI-FI network doesn`t have any security on concord you have an option to place a password. Password helps you in preventing nearby devices from the connection of USB stick.


Connection of USB stick doesn`t require any internet connection (it just creates a hotspot that your mobile will be connected to) and the same USB drive can connect to multiple devices through WI-FI. If you use an android mobile or ipad not only those devices get connected to stick but it is used as temporary medium for transferring files between ios and android mobile simultaneously unlike cloud storage usage.

The USB is solidly built with transparent protective casing though it is heavier obviously and looks larger in size than other USB sticks. The Sandisk mobile app has some problems on concord none of them are deal breaker.


For both Android and ios devices Sandisk Connect (Flipkart, Amazon) is compatible. The storage capacity of mobile phones are available from 16GB to 128GB. If you are removing the storage space on your mobile and upgrading is not a choice, then connect stick is probably the simplest way to expand mobile phone storage.

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