Use Gmail work for you

Many people usually blame the things whenever they don’t work. But the main thing is we don’t know to use them in a proper way. So, the mistake is ours we are not using them in the correct way. Let’s see how to set up your priority subscriptions, how to automate record keeping, find a lost phone, and reach inbox zero and more in the Gmail.

1.    Program Email to send afterward


Boomerang is awesome email scheduler. You can plan your emails in advance and save them as a draft. You can fix the time and date for the drafts so they will be sent exactly at the time. Your colleagues might think that you are a workaholic.
If the respondent was not replied to your messages then you can program specific email to show back up in your inbox at a certain date/ time. This is perfect for those who don’t live inbox zero and can’t handle the email clutter.

2. Save all your Gmail Attachments to a Dropbox Folder


IFTTT (If this, then that) is a website & brilliant iPhone app that allows you to create “recipes” that essentially tie together different apps and social media and all kinds of different things. You can tailor these recipes just for you..for instance, if you favorite a tweet, you can have that tweet sent directly to a google doc. Or to your email. Or to Evernote.  Whatever you like.
This is such a time saver.  You can use IFTTT to have all of your email attachments saved automatically to a Dropbox folder; no more searching the inbox. It’s all in dropbox, ready to rock.

3.Undo Send

When I have sent an email, I have noticed a horrible mistake. A typo, an incorrect auto population of the ‘To’ field, a dreaded “Reply All”… There are so many way emails can go downhill fast. Here’s how to catch your mistakes and turn back time. Gmail has a labs feature that allows users to have a grace period of a few seconds after sending an email to undo send. I’ve used it no less than  gazillion times.

4.Control your Inbox with Tabs

Gmail has gone and redone our inboxes again.  Some people love it, some people hate it.
Here’s the thing about why this change is such a hassle for people like me who save our best information for email- it may make it harder for readers to actually find the information they requested!
So far. I like using the tabs. My strategy is to start the emails that are important in my Promotions tab and that redirects all email from that sender to go to my Priority inbox. Because I’ll be honest, it could take a few days before I ever open the other two tabs.
Another Tip- You can also drag an email that is in the Promotions tab over to your Primary tab. This will help you see an email that could get lost in the Promotions tab.How to get rid of Gmail’s new tabs

5. One Inbox to Check All Your Email
Do not- I repeat- DO NOT check multiple email accounts. This is time taking procedure. The one good way to handle multiple email accounts is to combine them into one smart master inbox.  You can adjust the settings so the reply email address is automatically the same one that the email was originally sent to.
The best tutorial on how to set up is here- How to Access All Your Gmail Accounts with One Log In

How to turn it on:
1.    Click the gear icon on the right side of your inbox.
2.    The settings area should pop open.
3.    Scroll down and enable Undo Send.

6. Organize Your Receipts Automatically on a Google Docs Spreadsheet

We are back to our friend IFTTT.  This is a great way to keep your receipts organized.  Gmail will automatically search for an email with “order” or “Receipt” and add a new row with the first attachment to a receipts spreadsheet.  You’ll thank me come tax time.

7. Send an Email Note to Yourself with a Phone Call


IFTTT will email a transcription and an MP3 recording of your note to self.  This is perfect for when brilliance strikes while you are on the go!

Yes, IFTTT again. If you are unable to find your phone where you have lost, just email yourself with the #LostPhone hashtag and it will call your phone. How awesome is that?

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