Repair A Dead Key ON Your Keyboard

Fix A Dead Key

One Dead key on your keyboard can make even easy to write the simplest email. After all, without the N key, your kids may be stuck eating after getting rid of school. The below is how to fix the problem.

First, if your keyboard doesn’t have another number pad, verify the Number lock key. If it is on, it might reschedule some of your keys and make others not viable.

Or else, there is perhaps something under the bad key. You have to take it out.

If it’s an outer keyboard, turn it above and gently strike the back. If that doesn’t work, slow down a paperclip and try removing stuff from below the key. But don’t try any of these with a laptop’s built-in.

If neither of those worked or if the problem is with your laptop’s fixed keyboard, use compressed air to carry out whatever is below the problem key. You can buy a can of condensed air for as small as $4. Confirm what you have buy comes with a  very thin straw(almost all of them do).

Fix the straw to the can’s nozzle, note the straw to below the problem key, and blow up air under the key. Hopefully, that will remove the dirt.Fix A Dead Key

If nothing works, try removing the key—and yes, I’m suggesting this for both external and inbuilt keyboards.

Use a small, flat-blade screwdriver to force open the key off the keyboard. Put the blade below the key and smoothly rotate the screwdriver until the key burst off.Fix A Dead Key

Once the key is off, you can clean anything inside it. To get back the key, keep it in place and press down.Fix A Dead Key

If nothing else works, think to restore the keyboard. It is extremely easy for an external keyboard. Simply buy one and plug it in.

But if you have a laptop, think to pay a specialised to replace the keyboard. Or, if you’re the do-it-yourself category, follow Ian Paul’s directions.

This is Easy and simplest way to Fix Dead key On Your keyboard.

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