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Weddings are expensive, so cutting costs wherever possible especially on expensive items like floral decorations is high on the minds of wedding organizers. Often, the budget for wedding flowers is difficult to keep under control, but the application of mind and taking a more practical approach in floral decorations should help to stay within the budget.

The wedding ceremony lasts for just about an hour while the time of reception is much longer that runs into many hours. You have to keep this in mind when planning for decorations at both the venues. At the wedding ceremony, it is enough to plan for modest and sober floral decorations that the guests can enjoy for the short duration while you must be ready to spend much more for elaborate decorations at the reception venue to entertain guests for long many hours. Flowers are expensive, and this approach should help to spend judiciously without compromising on the overall appeal of the decorations.

Tips to Save Money on Wedding Floral Decoration

Although flowers are the primary item for decorations, a lot of greenery and other materials can adore the free-standing items and candelabras that can save some cost by avoiding the hiring of these items. Another way of reducing cost is to share the cost of flowers with some other wedding party whose date matches with yours. Yet another cost-saving method is to see if the wedding date coincides with some religious event so that you can use the existing decorations and pursue the color schemes of the already decorated church with minimal additions for customization. With international flower delivery now becoming easy courtesy online florists, you can source flowers from some other countries too.

Create a budget

While floral decorations might appear very luring you must act with restraint and avoid the tendency of going over the top with flowers. It all begins by allocating a budget so that you set the boundaries for spending. The budget helps to control expenses as you can compare the spending as work progresses and make ongoing changes to the plan to stay within the budget. Before indulging in any extravagant plan, tell your florist about your budget which should typically be 10% of the overall expenses. It should help to avoid the embarrassment and disappointment of curtailing some of the choicest items at a later stage.

Achieve optimal optimum visual effects

  • When spending for floral decorations, you must be very selective about the places to highlight with flowers so that it is possible to generate the maximum visual impact at minimal cost. You must think about the place of focal attraction and bestow it with attractive flowers. In the church, the altar is at the focus of attention for the significant part of the ceremony, and your decorative ideas should revolve around it. Think creatively about how you can decorate the place to maximize the appeal. This way you should be able to achieve more at less cost.

  • Turning away from the altar, identify the other areas that receive the most attention during the ceremony. The aisle along with the pews is the other most prominent area, and you can think about decorating every alternate pew to keep costs under control. It is easy to decorate pews with ribbons and greenery that you can do on your own which again helps to save costs.

  • Think carefully about whether you want to include the aisle runner into the scheme of decorations because often this is an optional item. In many cases, the aisle runner is cumbersome for the bride, hence impractical. Apply your mind if you would like to have it at all.

Fresh or artificial flowers?

While fresh flowers are the first choice for any wedding decoration, artificial flowers and flowers made of delicate fabrics as well as dried flowers are excellent in substituting real flowers at a lesser cost. Some people might be allergic you flowers especially flowers that are rich in pollen, and artificial flowers are a better choice from the health aspect too. The guests would be too happy to enjoy the occasion in a safe environment. Combine both types to restrict costs.

Buy native flower species with a focus on the season

Using homegrown or native flower species should cost less as compared to using selected foreign flower species. If you want to decorate with tulips from Holland, it will cost you much more than roses, lilies, and peonies available locally. In all seasons there are some attractive local flowers available that you must consider as these are always budget friendly. Consider the season of the wedding and make the floral selection accordingly. Moreover, the seasonal flowers would not only give the best value for money but also last for long hours throughout the big occasion. Using non-seasonal flowers would mean that either these are imported or grown under special conditions like in glass houses that escalate the cost.

Focus on bridal flowers

The flowers of the bridal party are all critical because these would appear in all photographs that become memories to cherish forever. Be liberal in spending for bridal flowers while you can try to cut costs in some other areas that are not so important. The flowers that accompany the bride are perhaps the most important, and you must spend on it as much as you do for the dress and hairstyle.

Have limited foreign floral varieties

When planning the floral decoration, it might be necessary to include some foreign floral species in the scheme but try to restrict the variety of exotic flowers that are very expensive. Choose a few most essential flowers for aesthetic reasons but avoid the temptation of doing too much. Showing restraint and taking a pragmatic approach in flower selection helps to reduce expenses because there is no end to try to achieve the best. Allocate some money for exclusive foreign flowers and go for fewer varieties by scattering some within the local species to ensure that you do not overshoot the budget.

Select a local florist because the distance of the location of the florist from the wedding and reception venues would impact the cost.

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