People with physical disabilities would like to enjoy the same freedom of movement as any other normal person by overcoming their infirmities and would benefit by using wheelchairs that assist them in movements and performing various actions. The choice between manual and motorized or powered wheelchairs depends on the needs of users. Manual wheelchairs are lightweight, easy to carry around, and quite affordable, but users must have that ability to roll the wheels by using their arms.

powered wheelchair

However, some attendant can also assist in pushing the equipment, but it reduces the freedom of moving on your own.  People with weak arms would find some of the best-motorized wheelchairs most suited. Although the equipment is heavier and bigger than manual wheelchairs, it addresses the needs of people with severe disabilities so well that they can move around effortlessly.

Consult an expert

Before selecting a powered wheelchair, you must discuss your needs with an expert. Correct assessment of your needs is vital in selecting the kind of wheelchair that would suit you most. Discussing the issues, you face with movements will help the expert to analyze your needs better and make the right selection.

Before buying online, you must have a useful test of the equipment by visiting a store to get a feel of the things that helps to understand better how comfortable you could be with the equipment and assess its abilities.

Defining your mobility needs like the extent of outdoor and indoor use of the equipment will aid its selection because you might have to change your car to accommodate the wheelchair in the vehicle if that is what you need.

 Know about wheelchair operability, features, and options

You must have the correct idea about the wheelchair design that you want to buy. A powered wheelchair has the same basic design of traditional manual wheelchairs and consists of a power base with a seat and the controls, but many kinds of configurations are available. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. For avoiding obstacles, front-wheel driven wheelchairs are the best while for indoor use center wheel driven wheelchairs are most suited due to its small turning radius.

Seats are made from different materials, and the equipment can have special options for tilting, elevating, reclining, and even standing. Choosing the right type of seat and back cushion ensures comfortable sitting.

Many types of controls are available, and you must choose the one that you feel most suited to enable you to maneuver the equipment on your own. Moreover, custom controls are also available to facilitate any special needs of users.

Despite using your best judgment in selecting powered wheelchairs, it will never be able to meet all your expectations because every design has some limitations. Adding accessories to the wheelchair can enhance the convenience, but still, there will be something lacking, and you must adjust to it.

You should be happy to get a wheelchair that addresses most of your important needs and enjoy the freedom of moving around by yourself, which is very satisfying.

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