Use CCleaner Like A Pro


CCleaner is a popular tool to get out of the temporary files and clear private data. This tool involves more than what we usually know and how we make use of it. It’s not simply wiping off the files as the CCleaner does when it is prompted to do. But it is a lot more than clicking a button to clean which cannot be seen normally. All the tasks got done after clicking a button is just internally processed as with other tools.

Users might know that CCleaner is all only for clearing the files and data with just a click. But this is up to only the beginners that they launch the CCleaner and click the “Run Cleaner” button to run the tool to clear the files on your device.

Do you know that there are even more options to choose from with the CCleaner? Yes! And they are discussed in this tutorial to let you know more tips and tricks about the CCleaner. These tips let you free up some space and increase the speed of the device.

1. Know what has to be deleted:

know what to delete

CCleaner, by default, can clean a lot of files and data. We frequently clear the cache so as to free up space on the device. Clearing the cache will slow down browsing speed since there won’t be any history of the previous sites which you have browsed. If the browsing history is available on the device, it would be easy for the device to get you into the websites whenever you revisit a site. This will free up space and increases the browsing privacy. Sometimes, clearing the cache can slow down the browsing.

You might want to open a folder with a lot of images. The processor takes some time to open a particular image and recreate a cache. You can clear some unwanted images or data but the cache (the temporary storage) cannot be deleted to free up space. The Most Recently Used (MRU) list will be stored in the cache to speed up the processor to open the files in the MRU.

2. Whitelist Important Cookies:

Whitelist important cookies

By default, CCleaner clears all the cookies. If you wish to open your favorite site after running CCleaner, you might have to always log in. To get rid of this, open the cookies panel in the Options section. CCleaner consists of a Whitelist to maintain the list of favorite websites to open with ease whenever required. For this, right-click on the cookies panel and tap on Intelligent Scan. Now CCleaner will automatically add Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail to the whitelist.

To add additional cookies to the whitelist, click on the arrow button on the right side of the list. This will help you automatically get into the website without logging in.

3. Beware of Registry Cleaner:

Registry cleaner

Windows registers contain a number of files and folders. Erasing some of the registers with the registry cleaner will not guarantee any increase in system performance. Running registry cleaner may accidentally remove important entries from the registers. It’s better to use CCleaner instead of Registry Cleaner unless you make sure of the data backup. So that this will let you restore the data if any entries are erased.

4. Manage Startup Programs:

manage Startup Programs

Windows runs some programs automatically while starting the computer. There are some important autostart entries which might stop running the start programs that might be lost. To avoid losing these autostart entries, use the Disable option instead of Delete option. The use of the Disable option can be easy for anyone to re-enable and disable the autostart entry. Whereas deleting the entry will not bring back the entries. This option is available in the Startup panel in the Tools section.

5. Wipe Drives:

Wipe drives

Deleting some of the files from the device doesn’t actually delete that file permanently from the hard disk. It even shows that the file is empty but is actually not. File Recovery Programs can scan for these deleted files in the hard disk. The deleted data can be recovered if the Operating System hasn’t used that file to overwrite any other data. CCleaner uses the Drive Wiper Tool to free up the space to overwrite the data in the deleted space by wiping the free space.

Wipe free space

Check the Wipe Free Space box under Advanced in the Cleaner section while running the CCleaner. But this takes a much longer time to clean up space completely.

6. Delete Files Securely:

delete files securely

Using the Drive Cleaner tool on all the files it cleans will help you delete files securely and effectively. This is a slow process comparatively which makes doesn’t allow the Operating System to clean files securely by default. But this will be highly secured. This can be used when you need privacy. Go to the Settings tab in the Options section to enable this.

7. Include Custom Files:

include custom files

If you have a temporary file directory that needs to be deleted frequently or there’s a program excluded in the CCleaner’s list of applications, custom files and folders can be specified in CCleaner. Then when you run CCleaner, it will automatically delete these files and clears the folder.

check custom files and folders

Open the Options section in the Include tab and add the custom files and folders. Make sure you are adding the correct files or folders. Or otherwise, you may attempt to lose the important files. Check the Custom files and folders box under the Advanced section to get the job done.

8. Exclude Files:

Exclude files

If you wish to delete all the files and folders excluding some of them. You can use this options in the Exclude section to leave away the files, folders, registry, or even a drive. This won’t delete those particular files, folders. registry entries, or drives and erase the remaining on the system.

9. Manage Installed Programs:

Manage installed programs

There’s an Uninstall panel in the CCleaner’s tools consisting a list of installed programs including the default programs. You can rename them or even delete them if you think they are not of any use. Saving all these will let the windows display the changes in the Windows panel. This is an easy way to let you easily know the list of installed programs. You can save the list of installed programs to a text file.

These are the 9 tips and tricks which will let you make the most use of the CCleaner. It will almost look like you are using a pro rather than CCleaner.

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