Why the Laptop Computer Screen Is So Dark

Laptop Computer ScreenIs the Laptop Computer Screen So Dark ? Follow below steps to help solve or place the cause of a black or blank laptop computer screen.
Tip: If you are watching a white screen or rainbow of colours on the screen, It means the video card in the laptop is imperfect. In this situation, the video card needs to be restored by an official repair centre for your laptop brand.
Computer is not booting
Even though you are not able to see nothing on the screen, listen to the laptop and confirm it sounds as if the computer is booting. If it looks like not booting properly or it sounds dissimilar, follow the steps in the below link before trying any of the other steps on this page.
• A laptop computer will not turn on.

If the computer starts up and shows a login screen for the operating system, but the screen turns into blank or black after you log in, there may be a problem with the operating system itself. A system file may have become ruined, avoids the operating system from loading and ensuing in the black or blank screen.
Try start over the computer first, to check if it is a temporary problem and decide itself with a reboot. If the problem continues, you have to restore or repair the operating system during a recovery console, available along with the OS installation disc.
Intensity is set low or power setting
If the picture is half visible, frequently it is only the laptop’s brightness which is set low or a power setting is lessening the brightness. Confirm your laptop is to the wall but not in a power saving setting. After, try escalating the brightness on your laptop to check it is not the brightness causing your problem.

Try external display
Check whether there is an issue with the laptop graphics card by linking a monitor or other display to the laptop. If the external display works good, it is a problem with your laptop display.

If an outer monitor is also not functioning with the laptop and you have to transfer through the above link, the internal graphics card or cable is imperfect and not the display. You have to replace the graphics card or motherboard .Take the laptop to a computer repair shop to check if it could be repaired or not.
Laptop Overheating
You can also check whether the laptop is overheating. While usually a laptop shut downs when it overheats, it will shut off only the display, due to the graphics chip shutting off.
A problem with overheating will be because of dust build-up on the fan, vents or heat sink .You can try using compressed air to carry the dust and dirt out and make easy for the laptop to push out any heat that is produced.
Is there an on and off button for a laptop monitor?
No. The laptop screen should be on with the computer. If the computer is occurring problems or cannot restart the screen might not turn on.
Another hardware problem
If later following the above steps also your laptop still having a black or blank screen, your laptop has a hardware problem. The given below are the most common hardware failures.
1. Loose or disconnected cable
2. Bad LCD power inverter.
3. Bad CCFL or backlight.
4. Bad LCD.
If your laptop is having the warranty, it is suggested you contact the laptop manufacturer for instructions on how to repair the laptop.
If the laptop is not having the warranty, regrettably for many end-users, repairing a bad LCD on a laptop can be problematical or may result in more damage if not done properly. It is suggested you take the laptop to a repair shop and tell them to set the laptop. However, if you want to try to restore the LCD yourself, the below list of companies that can send replacement screens for about any laptop.
These are the tips to avoid black or blank laptop computer screen.

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