Here are some tips to find the person behind an email address. When the user got an email from an unknown person, before replying to that person, the user can find something more about him.

Web search engines are the most familiar one for making reverse email lookup, but if the person that the user is looking for is not having website or having interacted with his email address on other public forums before, Google most likely provide small help.

Here are some online services (also to esure contact numbers) and tips that may help the user to reveal the identity of the unknown sender.

By Finding Sender’s Location:

Open the header of the email sent by unknown by viewing original, then search the line “Received: from” followed by the IP address within the square brackets. The user has to use the last entry, if there are multiple entries in it.


By pasting the IP address in the trace route tool, the user can get good idea about the location of the unknown sender.

By using Facebook for reverse email Search:

The Social networking site Facebook has millions of users worldwide and also there is more chance that the user may have Facebook profile.

Facebook lets its users to search the persons by email address. The user have to just paste the email address of that unknown person on the Facebook search box, it will show the matching profile exists in the network.

If the user finds that person, they have to download his profile picture. Now use the Google images as a reverse image search engine and upload in it. Now the user can find the social profiles of that person where he used that same picture. 

By checking all other Social Networks:

To check if a profile of a person with a particular username exists in any other network, the user will look for Knowem, a service.

If the email address of the sender is like, there may be a chance that the person has created accounts in some other social networking sites using the alias “red_hat”. The user has to put that in the to confirm that.

By using People Search:

If the user unable to find the information about that unknown person, finally he can try the ‘People search services’ like Spokeo and Pipl. Both the services helps to perform reverse email lookups but the database of Spokeo is more comprehensive than Pipl.

The Spokeo also searches the social networks, in addition to regular web documents. But some of the outcomes of Spokeo are only offered to subscribers.