As 2020 is coming slowly but surely, it’s about time we talked about some of the hottest jewelry trends every fashion-forward girl will love to keep up with next year. Here are five of them you should know about, so check them out and accessorize like a true pro in 2020! 

Jewelry Trends

Punk-inspired jewelry is making a huge comeback

If you’ve always been a fan of grungy, androgynous silhouettes, but you didn’t really know how to pull them off in real life, don’t worry at all because you’ll get a chance to wear them in 2020! That’s right – punk-inspired jewelry will be a huge hit next year, so give it a try and take your looks to a whole new level thanks to those bad boys. Such a style includes lots of studs, bondage-style chokers, and piercings that evoke the rebellious spirit of the late 1970s, so don’t wait any longer and transform your casual combos into bold and edgy ones in the blink of an eye! 

punk-inspired jewelry


Tassels, tassels everywhere

On the other hand, if a more chic and colorful look is your first choice, you definitely mustn’t skip curtain-like, vibrant earrings that feature fabulous tassels. This style will be a massive hit in 2020, and that’s exactly why you should stock up on tasseled earrings and get ready for the upcoming year in advance. So, if you’re an Aussie girl who wants to get a pair in her favorite color, you should know that you can always find amazing jewelry online in Australia that comes in gorgeous styles and affordable prices. From bright yellow, turquoise blue, emerald green, and pure white to stunning pink, glorious purple, and mesmerizing violet, there is something for everyone’s taste, so find your signature pair and rock it proudly next year! 

An asymmetric single-earring look? Sure, why not!

There are two types of girls in the world – those who stick to the rules no matter what and those who think that rules are there to be broken. If you belong to the second group, you’ll love to hear that asymmetric looks will be extremely popular next year – especially when it comes to your accessories. A single-earring look was frequently spotted during the fashion month, and we can freely say that it’s a fantastic way to wear something blingy without going over the top. The best thing about such a look is the fact that it can have both an edgy and an ultra-feminine vibe, so pick a statement earing according to your style and you won’t make a mistake! 

Dripping with rhinestones

Eye-catching jewelry embellished with rhinestones is making a big comeback, which thrills thousands of party girls who love their jewelry to shine bright like a diamond.  It’s safe to say that such pieces are extremely elegant and breathtaking, and all you need to do is to get a pair of chandelier-style earrings that will swing back and forth every time you take another step. If that doesn’t sound cool, we don’t know what does! Apart from the rhinestone earrings, there are also stunning necklaces and matching bracelets you can choose if bejeweling your ears isn’t your thing. Just find a piece that perfectly corresponds to your taste and nails this trend in 2020! 

Boho chic accessories on point

Last but certainly not least, boho-chic accessories will also be major next year. We all know that this year’s trends have shifted away from this kind of aesthetics a little bit, which is why the bohemian style will be back in style in the upcoming year. Boho style is all about natural fabrics, earthy shades, and signature details such as intricate embroidery, feathers, fringe, and lots of pearls, so don’t forget to incorporate these into your outfits. Long feather necklaces, medallion earrings, and earrings made from wood and net should be your top choice, so give them a fair shot and rock your 2020 looks like a true fashionista!

As you can tell, there are a lot of amazing jewelry trends that will be huge next year, and these five are at the top of our list for a good reason. So, if you want to stay trendy and complement your combos with some of the most stylish accessories out there, just stick to our guidelines and you’ll do a great job!