Lovely Autumn Zen Fashion Ideas

Autumn Zen Fashion Ideas

When the pressure of the summer is over, it’s time to take a really relaxing path with fashion. Additionally, autumn is the perfect time to start experimenting with different fashion ideas yet still look perfectly Vogue. So, if you want to get your Zen on this autumn but retain your elegant and chic style, here are a few fashion ideas to keep in mind.

Don’t pack your maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are perfect for the beach as well as weekend shopping sprees, but don’t give them up just yet! Before you retired them until next summer, how about you give your maxis a new life by wearing them with long sleeves? No matter if you pair your dress with a cozy sweater, a turtleneck or a moto jacket, you will end up with an amazing look that will attract plenty of attention. The trick is in layers, but make sure to keep your waist defined for added structure. Do so, and you’ll end up with a casual Zen outfit.

Choose deeper tones

When it comes to colors, look to nature for inspiration. With autumn come those deeper and more neutral colors that will be a perfect counterpart to bright neons of the summer and spring. However, don’t worry if your closet isn’t filled with rich earth and bold jewel tones. A couple of pieces in plum, ocher or deep turquoise will be all you need for this season. And, if you pick some versatile pieces like cardigans, you can match them with your summer items and still get that desired Zen autumn look!

Opt for light and comfy shirts

Since autumn is all about comfort, forget about those stuck-up button-ups and opt for something light and comfortable. Check the stores for the new lovely collection of womens shirts and you can find cozy button-ups perfect for every occasion. However, there’s nothing constricting about them—they are a perfect addition to your chill and Zen mood. Plus, they come in every neutral color imaginable which means you’ll get to pair them with everything from your fave jeans to your linen pants and various skirts. If you want to add some variety to your closet, opt for a collarless shirt for a very attractive and chill look.

Invest in a cute pastel coat

pastel coat

We just said that bright colors are to be left for the summer, so what’s this all about? Well, while autumn’s Zen vibe is ruled by darker neutrals, that doesn’t mean you must give up things like pastels all together! If you’re not the fan of colder weather, you can be the ray of sunshine for yourself and everyone around you with a cute pastel coat! The best thing about these coats is that you can pair them with literally anything and still look chic, girly and casually elegant. From your fave jeans and T-shirt over a pair of casual leather pants to office separates and evening wear, your pastel coat will be your faithful companion.

A pair of short boots is a must

Autumn is the perfect time to prepare for rainy weather, so you might want to refresh your footwear. However, if you don’t want to splurge on expensive tall boots, you don’t have to! Choose a Zen path and opt for a chill pair of short booties that will give any outfit a nice edge. These are perfect from transitioning from summer to autumn and will give you all the comfort you need, especially if you’re an active girl that puts a lot of miles under her shoes every day.

Add a few autumn accessories

Scarves are a classic addition to every autumn outfit that can give it that chic vibe while keeping things chill and Zen. No matter if you choose to pair it with a simple white shirt and a cute dress or with your long coat, a scarf will be a perfect accessory. If you want to give your comfy and loose outfit some shape, opt for the hottest accessory this year, a belt bag. These come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and can be a perfect addition to every outfit. For an extra chic look, wear it over your coat instead of a belt!

autumn accessories
Autumn is the perfect time to mix things up yet choose something comfortable and effortless. After a long summer, you deserve to feel snuggled up and cozy in your fall clothing. There’s nothing more Zen than going out bundled up with your new autumn clothing and enjoying the fresh air! 

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