The scanners can scan documents in digital files. Once you scan your document OR image, and its save on your computer. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program used to convert the scan documents into text files, and also use for another word- processing application.  Download the OCR software, and install in your system. Then convert a scanned document to text.

Convert a scanned Document to Text following steps:

  1. Open the document with paint: scanned images open with paint.

Goto File > From Scanner or Camera

  1. Choose the settings that best fit document. Select the Black and white picture or text click scan.
  2. File > click Save As is necessary.

Select TIFF from Drop-Down list and then save.

  1. Open Microsoft Office Document Imaging:

Start menu > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools and select Microsoft Office Document Image.

  1. Open the .tiff file:

Select one file, and Copy the document or image. Then initialize the text recognition.

  1. Open new word document, and paste the file in new document.
  2. Correct the spelling mistakes.

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