How To Send Confirmation Emails With Google Forms


Are you looking to send an autoconfirmation emails  as soon as possible to the person who submit google form ? The confirmation email message contains both the custom note (like an acknowledgement saying that you have received their form) and copy of the form answers that they have submitted.

We have canned responses in Gmail, the auto-responder email address process also similar to this but for google forms. You can also send welcome messages, acknowledge support requests etc. here is an example for confirmation email that was send through google forms:


We have an auto reply feature and it is easy to add to your google forms in less than a minute. For this we have few steps to follow:

1.Create a new google form with one or more fields, or use the existing form with field because it is mandatory where you would be asking for the email address of the form respondent.

2.Now install google forms add-on, then click on add-ons menu inside forms and select new rule by choosing email notifications for forms.

3.Insert your name and select your Gmail which you like to use for sending confirmation emails and check the “notify form submitter option”. choose the form field that you are using to get the email address of the respondent.

4.According to google form email tutorial modify the subject and message on next screen.

When any one submit the google form then they will get automatic confirmation email in HTML format. It can also copy of the email data be cc’ed to you to put you in the loop.


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Article and Image Reference: Labnol