HP S700 Pro SSD

HP S700 Pro SSD

HP is mostly known to users because of its PCs and printers and later, the company started to design hardware components. Among such components, the HP S700 and HP S700 Pro are the recent releases. Now, we are going to discuss about the HP S700 Pro SSD. This SSD has high performance, durability, quiet operating volume, and power efficiency. This will be useful for users who need to run the hardware constantly to install in professional environment.

There are different versions of the HP S700 Pro and are priced according to the storage. But these versions cost a bit more than the Sandisk’s SSD and also you will get more memory space with this. The 128GB version costs Rs.5800, 256GB version costs Rs.10,900, and the 512GB version costs around Rs.17,350. As the HP S700 Pro is a SATA 3, it is not so expensive as the PCIe/M.2 SSD.

This series of the SSD uses cutting-edge technology that goes head-to-head with many of the products being tested on a regular basis. An HP-branded SMI SM2258 controller is at the heart of the S700 Pro, just like the ones found in many other mainstream SSDs. It also comes packed with Micron’s 384Gbit 3D TLC NAND. However, the S700 Pro employs HP-tuned firmware, and that makes all of the difference.

Design and Features:

The HP S700 Pro uses the 3D NAND technology, which Micron promises to prolong the life of the SSD. An advanced wear balancing algorithm is the means that the company uses in conjunction with the NAND chips.

This SSD is mainly aimed for professional and business use. In a case where no one wants to lose the data in a dying hard drive, this SSD can be catastrophic. HP talks about various technologies and uses it to ensure the HP S700 Pro SSD is as robust and secure ass possible. It needs Higher Order LDPC Error Correction for high speed parallel decoding and Real Time Error Connection while testing. When the device it is installed is in sleep mode, it draws very low power. This will be useful for installing HP S700 Pro in your laptop. The lower power will keep the battery charged for a long time.

The metal body of the drive also acts as a heat sink, keeping it cool when in use. The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is an impressive 2,000,000 hours – so you can be pretty confident that the HPS700 Pro will be a reliable device to store your files on.

While the common SATA 3 port is showing its age these days, HP promises up to 565MBps sequential read and 520MBps sequential writes. Nowhere near the speeds of M.2 SSDs, but if it can hit those targets it will still offer a substantial speed increase over standard hard drives with moving parts.


high speed performance

The HP S700 Pro SSD contributes a high speed in performance as the company promised. The read/write speed of this SSD is the same as HP promised. The ATTO disk benchmark backed up these results with 562.8MB/s read and 517.3MB/s writes. Usually, there is a speed difference, with sequential read speeds being faster. This is because it’s easier to read data rather than write it to disk. But with the HP S700 Pro SSD the speeds are pretty close – which means this is a consistent performer irrespective of the tasks you’re using it for.

In some of the real-world tests, the HP S700 Pro underwent transferring a 1GB file in just 24.07 seconds. This proved that moving large files isn’t an issue with this hard drive. The overall performance of the HP S700 Pro was extremely impressive that it offers fast read and write speeds that often exceed its competitors.

The final thing about the HP S700 Pro that it is a nicely-designed SSD that comes with a number of features. These features and specifications help prolong its lifespan and is reliable. It also ensures that it is a safe and secure location to store files. Its read and write speeds are very good for a SATA 3 solid state drive Finally, the price is nicely competitive as well.

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