Convert YouTube Videos to MP3


YouTube is one of the best video sharing website which allows you to upload, view and share videos. Easily, you can watch any video without registering the website. On concord, if you want to upload any video then you have to register yourself. It is synchronized with your Google account too. Most of the videos uploaded on the YouTube are from the individuals itself. On concord, a lot media and other official channels are there to share their content too.

You can find videos from part of the world, YouTube is considered as one of the biggest sites for video sharing. Also in any language uploaded by different individuals, official accounts of any music company. Personally, I use YouTube many times a day to browser my favorite video songs, you can create your own playlist according to your taste. I have also found that there are a lot of songs available who are personally created by users. They aren’t available in any official album or site. It may be possible that you want any video song into MP3 format. So that you can easily plan it later on your own device without browsing the site. You need to have an MP3 converter which can convert the YouTube videos to MP3 at that time. If you like any song on YouTube and download it either in video format or convert it into an MP3 format. We are going to share some of the best ways to convert YouTube videos to MP3.


Use this Premium tool to download YouTube videos. These are the 11 Best Ways to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3:

1. Aneesoft Batch Converter

Aneesoft Batch Converter

If you have a lot of YouTube converting videos, this is the best software. You get the best audio quality. It’s a bit pricy on concord we will worth the time you are saving. Tap here to download free version.

2. YouTube to MP3 converter

youtube to mp3

This is one of the best sites I have ever known for converting YouTube videos to MP3. It is a free online service that allows users to convert video to MP3 and it’s in Germany. You don’t even need to register yourself with the site for using this service. You only need the URL of a song to convert. Click here to know the procedure.

3. Vid to MP3


This site allows you to download YouTube videos and audio from non-copyrighted video clips on video sites. You need to enter the URL of the song in the box provided to you and tap on the download option.

4. Convert2MP3


The video should be downloaded in MP3 format. This supports Dailymotion, clipfish, Vevo and YouTube. This site not only allows you to convert your favorite video into MP3 but also allows users to search their favorite video.

 5. Clip convertor


The Clip Converter has a beautiful interface. It allows you to convert YouTube videos into MP3, MP4, AAC and many more other formats. You can convert video from your favorite sites as it’s free online media conversion application.

6. Listen to YouTube


This is an online app that enables users to convert YouTube video into MP3 audio. There’s a free service and users don’t require to sign for using this service.

 7. YouTube in MP3


To work with any device, this service is compatible. You need to enter the URL of the video and then tap on download MP3. You can download MP3 in three different qualities.

8. Anything2mp3


This is very fast and simple way to convert and download audio file from YouTube and soundcloud. This grabs MP3 directly from the source file. This uses a lightning speed process and assures you zero loss in audio quality.

9. Win creator


This site comes with a very friendly interface and you only need to paste the URL of your video then tap on “convert to MP3”.

10. Youtube to MP3


This is a variation in YouTube MP3 converter. Here the text box appears, you only need to put the video URL in that and hit the convert button. Trim or download the MP3 down to the specific length then download.

11. Mp3fiber


From all popular sites such as soundcloud, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, VK, Instagram, AOL and Metacafe. The downloading procedure is same as the above. Click here to download the MP3fiber.

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