Must Know YouTube Channels

There are tons of YouTube channels on various subjects. But all are not aware of each and every channel on the YouTube. There are even social medias like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which will support with some of the features that YouTube has. Like the social media helps in posting videos like the ones on YouTube. But are these videos, in any way, useful for IT experts or Tech savvy? Not exactly. But Yes! YouTube has the complete answer for IT experts. Of course, it has several hundred channels with videos related to all the topics and subjects.

Here, we have picked up some of the YouTube channels that IT experts must know. YouTube is one of the platforms where there is a chance to learn and there is no limit for learning on YouTube. This practice of learning will take your skills and knowledge to another level.

You must definitely know these 5 YouTube channels and subscribe to them. These are the ways to improve your knowledge and help you with certification exams. All these channels are uploaded on a regular basis and provide high-quality materials.

1. Labminutes:

This is one of the most interesting YouTube channels. This channel will be more of use for you if you are a part of Cisco technology. This will remain you with some practical knowledge. This channel has video lessons that have been divided into 3 categories. They are Wireless (1 video), Routing and Switching (27 videos), and Security (63 videos). If you want to learn more about the installation of Nexus 1000V, Cisco ISA, DMVPNs or IPSEC tunnels, this channel will help you.

2. Keith Barker:

Keith Barker is one of the funniest and most skillful instructors on the Internet. Now, Keith Barker works with CBTNuggets and still creates short videos on YouTube about different technologies. The videos are mainly about the technologies like security, IPv6, and networking. These are the technologies which are now in high demand.

3. CBTNuggets:

CBTNuggets is an amazing instructor and is updated once in a week. This YouTube channel comprises of videos about networking, virtualization, backtrack, Microsoft Windows, certification, and so many.

4. INE Training:

This channel is dedicated to network engineers who think about becoming an expert (CCIE). INE few times a month uploads a new video from their list of great training.

5. TrainSignal:

TrainSignal is now called as “PluralSight”. The PluralSight is a training company which promotes their training. This YouTube channel gives a lot of importance to upload new videos few times a week. Short video training is provided here are about networking, virtualization, system management and many others.

These are the top 5 YouTube channels that IT experts must know to improve their skills. I’m sure these channels will help you improve your knowledge and let you learn more.

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