Google Backup And Sync App To Protect Your Files

backup and sync app

Backup and Sync app is the latest feature introduced by Google to store and sync everything on your computer to Google Drive and Google Photos without having to move the files around. These apps can backup photos, videos, files and documents from your computer or external devices to the cloud. The external devices may be USBs, SD cards, Pen drives, etc. This would be the simplest form to sync files around if there is any problem with the loss of data in the files of the device.

The best thing about the Google Backup and Sync app is that there is no need to compile all your files from different sources from one location. You just need to select the particular folder on your computer which you wish to back up and the rest will be taken over by Google. These selected files will be sent to the cloud and they are available in the Google Drive and Photos on all your synced devices. They may be smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet or whatever.

Google Backup and Sync app will help you duplicate all the files and documents on your computer in the cloud so that if in case your computer or laptop is dying, this app will remain you with all the data backup.

Follow the below steps to protect your files using the Google Backup and Sync app.

1. Download Google Backup and Sync app:

Click here to download the Google’s Backup and Sync app. Tap on “Download Backup and Sync” after which there pops up a window asking you to agree the terms and conditions to download the app. Then the app will be downloaded. Once the app is downloaded, click on the downloaded file and a window will appear for your confirmation to download the app. Tap on Yes when prompted. Then you are completely done with downloading the Backup and Sync app.

2. Sign in to your Google Account:

Now that your download and installation is complete, automatically the Google Backup and Sync will load its launcher. Click on “Get started” button that appears. You need to sign in with your Google account with which you normally sign in to your Google drive.

3. Select the files to create backup:

select folders

Go to the location in your computer or laptop where you have stored your files and folder. Select the files for which you want to create backup. you can either select individual files or the entire folder depending on your requirement to create backup for your files. As standard, the contents of your desktop, Documents folder, and Pictures folder will be selected automatically. Remove files from the folders you want to use, or simply deselect an entire folder to take it out.

4. Choose the quality of uploaded photos:

quality of uploaded photos

You can save the photos in either high quality or in the original format using the Google Backup and Sync app. If you have a limited amount of storage on Google Drive, its better to use the “Original quality” option if you’re backing up photos taken using a camera with a resolution higher than 16MP, or video recorded in 1080p. And the “High quality” option can be used if you’ve signed up to unlimited storage. And there is no storage restriction in case of a Pixel smartphone.

5. Sync your folders on Google drive:

sync on google drive

The Google Backup and Sync process requires you to choose which folders you want to sync from your Google Drive account. You can let the app sync everything, or pick a selection yourself. Both these options will give you a file size warning. So make sure there’s enough space available in your Google Drive account.

6. Create a sync folder on your desktop:

create a folder

Click the “Start” button at the bottom right on the desktop. You will see that a new Google Drive folder is created on your desktop. This folder contains a backup of all the documents, photos and media files which are currently stored in your Google Drive account. Remember that you can increase the size of this folder.

7. Automatic Syncing:

You are now ready with the backed up and synced files which you wanted to. You will find this easy and a quick process that’s ideal if you use Google Drive on a regular basis and want to keep your photos in the same place you work. Remember, all files and photos you drop into your chosen folders will be backed up automatically.

Then finally, upgrade your Google drive account for more space so that it will be useful for the future use. That’s it! You are done with the process. This is a way to easily protect your files using the Google’s backup and sync app.

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