selected friends in facebookFaceBook unveil location based service is known as Facebook Places. The Facebook Places is used to find your current location on Facebook to your friends. For example, if the user in a shopping mall, they can tell their friends where they are through Facebook Places, the services will also show the other people, who may be near the place at the same time.

Display of the Facebook Places:

The Facebook Places is a location-based service from the Facebook. The Facebook is a largest social media networking website in the world. This service is used to find your current location. This service is the great development and it helps to keep touch with your friends and also let you know your friend’s location.

Who is going to see your location on Facebook?

The Privacy will clearly be a concern is a simple setting, it is easily manipulated according to your needs. The Facebook controls the visibility options of places “where are you Checking-in” to your friends.

Set your Facebook Privacy

selected friends in facebook

Then Go to “Facebook Privacy”-> click Customize Settings and change the option -> Places I Check-in to your friends otherwise set to “Everyone” this option is used for each and everyone see your location on facebook.

Hide your Location

If you want to hide your location from everyone, also don’t “check in” with your Facebook Places in all or Go back -> Places I check in and set to Custom -> “Only Me”.

Show your Location to selected friends

If you have a large number of contacts on Facebook in a short span of time. It puts the Privacy is importance. Then share your location with selected friends and family members.  Carry out the steps to expose your location in your friends of your choice.

selected friends in facebook

Go to -> Facebook Friends page, you need to create one or more lists of your friends you wish to share your location. And go back to your Facebook Privacy setting page, select Custom -> Make your list and type your new friends name in your list. You use the Facebook Places in the Mobile browser of any phone, it supports for HTML5 and finds your location. This service is currently available in U.S only.