A Research on What Happens After Death

What Happens After Death

Although thousands of scientific studies have been conducted on human life, no one doesn’t know what happens after death? At the same time, there is no real analysis of this interesting question.

A search resulted in the largest scientific study, which has the answer to the question “what happens after death”!

Heart Attack Patients

Heart Attack

Researchers based in Britain, have analyzed heart attacks patients in the last four years. Nearly 40 percent of survivors from the heart attack has been declared clinically dead but after some time, they came to conscious. They described that they have seen some of the patterns and figures.

According to experts, the brain activity will be stopped in the next 20 to 30 seconds after heartbeat stops, and then there is no possibility of getting into conscious or any awareness.

Then these heart attack survivors are talking about what figures and patterns?

A recent study has shown that patients are diagnosed with real events up to three minutes after medical death. Once patients have been revitalized, it is also found that they are only once aware of the experience that they have experienced.

Dr. Sam Pharina, assistant professor at New York State University, and the researcher of this study has provided a completely new angle to this research that its apart from figures and patterns.

A Research on Heart Attack Patients

The doctors and nurses attempted to recover a patient in this study, and he provided a “very reliable” information about what was happening to him (patient). That is, I(patient) felt that I was breathing by sitting in a corner of the medical room.

The brain can not function after regular heartbeat stopped. But in this case, awareness has been continued for about three minutes. This means that there is a clue about the existence of a posthumous life. The study included 2,060 patients from 15 hospitals in the UK, the US, and Austria. The surviving 46 percent of them have experienced a wide range of mental consciousness.

Nearly nine percent of them have experienced traditional definitions of death experience. The 2% of them have experienced open awareness, such as experiencing outside the body, like seeing their own body.

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