Best apps to solve your bookmarking needs


Did you face any problem while saving or bookmarking any of your favorite videos or page? If they have the habit of saving every interesting page to read later, these are the common problems.

Let’s not get trapped by the drawbacks it’s having. Bookmark has come into existence to utilize and save your time effectively. In online, there are few tools available which let you bookmark the interesting content on the web easily. Let us see in detail about few such apps and where are they used.

World Brain


World Brain is a Google Chrome extension which performs a search in your browser’s history that includes your bookmarks. That seems like browsing the links which you have visited earlier. So they can easily find the exact page they are looking for. This is a cool extension because one doesn’t even have to bookmark the page. Additionally, the extension is in beta stage.



In online, Booky works on all the browsers. For quick search, it provides you to create your own dashboard. You can also create separate dashboards for different works and then add the related links under them. This arranges all the important links required by you.



Vookmark is a variant app with different when compared to the other bookmark tools explained here. This allows you to save your favorite videos to watch later. You can watch those saved videos on devices such as iOS, Apple TV, Android as well. This tool is an extension which can be installed in Chrome or Safari.



EmailThis is another interesting tool which is available online. To make the best use of all the features provided here to just Sign up for this service. This app lets you share your favorite article directly to your mailbox. It also removes other elements included in the article such as comments, social sharing buttons, and ads. Thus making the content lightweight.

At least any tool will be useful while you bookmark any page from now onwards.

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